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Do you think porn leads people to aggressive way of having sex,which doesn't put any good impact to our society?
Some people watches porn because it exposes people to some unrealistic fantasies.It shows people how to have sex in a way that people normally don't think.Sex should be a beautiful thing,it is not all about physical pleasure.It is how two people connect with each other and satisfy their physical need. But what porn shows is guy chocking their partner,slapping her and in the case of femdom porn a girl whipping or lashing a guy.So do you think that porn leads people aggressive way of having sex?

Since porn has invaded us from all the corners of the internet I can say that it definitely has a bad impact on our sexuality and also that it makes it violently and by violently I am not referring only to chocking and other types of fetishes. I am talking also to the way it has affected the approach to sexuality for some us, the way some "have learned" from porn to approach women and how some women are accepting some awkward ways of approaching and how easily they go to bet nowadays to complete strangers just because of what they watched from porn and what porn advertises about sexuality. Porn movies being a topic that I have discussed quite much lately I will mention also some other ways in which they affect our sexuality and sexual health because I think they are important also and as important as leading people into an aggressive way of approaching sexuality. One of such side effects is the addiction that they give to the consumer and that addiction created by high amounts of dopamine is also creating some standards for the watcher. Standards that must be at least matched by the current or future partner which is sometimes pretty hard and leads to a low quality sexual life and erectile dysfunctions. There are much more things to be mentioned of how destructive pornography but I don't want to go off topic so I will just conclude that porn industry has been the worst enemy for a healthy sexuality in the last two decades. 


No I definitely don't think so there has never been any news or any show of aggression from people who watch porn when having sex, that hasn't been the sole purpose of porn neither has it been an end effects of pornography the fact that there has been fantasies and aggressive style of having sex in pornography is as a result of the drug enhancing performances being given to these porn stars the truth is that sexual lifestyles in people are different, some people tend to embrace a love style of having sex not just because they want to but because it naturally comes to them or it's actually what brings them orgasm , so whether sex styles or aggressive depends on people and a whole lot of people are even taking drugs to enhance their sexual performance however the fact that it is not harmful or infringing in any way means that I don't have problems with people having aggressive sex.

I think pornography doesn't play a role in the way people have sex majorly pornography satisfies the sexual craving of those that actually doesn't have sex partners and mostly people who have sex partners do not watch porn I mean mostly actually 95% of people who have partners doesn't watch porn, so I do not see ponography influencing people sexual lifestyle and since pornography sex isn't done in public we can definitely not say it has any impact on the society because this is done in the secret and has no influence at all to the society , there a whole lot of things that has influence in society and things like aggressive sex doesn't come in because it is something private so whether people choose to have sex peacefully or aggressively doesn't really matter, provided they get they get the satisfaction they crave.


In my own opinion, I will say that watching porn videos does not lead to aggressive way of having sex. There are lots of sex styles one can watch in porn. Porn only widens your view on sex skills. Using a single sex style with some ladies by be boring most times. So when we watch porn we get to have more insight on different sex skills one can use.

Partners must not only rely on one sex position when having sex.

Talking about connection, when there is sensation of romance both lovers feels themselves when having sex. So sex is not an aggressive things.

Another thing is it depends on both lovers point of view. They are couples who are more interested in having aggressive sex. Watching porn will make these set of people get more involved in a more aggressive sexual intercourse.

To me I will say porn does not make lovers involved in aggressive sex, even though it can trigger ones eagerness on wanting to try it out.

But there are people who watch porn but still continue with their old romantic and sexy slow kind of having sex.


What you often see definitely will affect or determine your definition off the thing. Pornography is something that had only wounded the society in lot ways that most addicted to it and other viewers hardly wants to admit. By watching it, it gives you sex suggestions that are wrong and harmful. Pornography has only promoted and worsen promiscuity and other sex related crimes.