Do you think it is right for the parents to decide what their children should be instead of caring what their children want to be?
I have often seen parents try to decide what their children want to be such as doctor or engineer.They don't care what their children want to be.When the children shows their interest in other activities such as dancing,music or sports,they try to suppress the interest of their children. Do you think it is right?

Absolutely not, under any circumstances.

I am a product of a parent who wanted me to be what she wanted and belittled me for showing interest in anything that wouldn't get me a 'real' job. To the point where I had a notebook of a story I was writing during appropriate school times (during the between class break before my next class began, after I was done with my school work in class, on my lunch break, ect) and when my mom got 'complaints' from a teacher about it (aka one teacher in particular who just hated my guts back then) she took the notebook and asked me what I thought I was doing. I told her I wanted to be an author when I grew up, she had a fit at me about how that wasn't a 'real' job and I'd never make a living doing that and she threw the notebook into our fireplace and burned it to ashes right in front of me then told me to stop writing.

Do not, under any circumstances, do this to your kids. If your little boy says they want to be a ballet dancer? Let him take classes. Little girl wants to be a football player? Get her into a league. Do not try to suppress that interest for your own sexist reasons or because you think that interest won't get them anywhere in life. 

Do not try to change your children. Nurture them. Their interests will change as they grow and so what? Nurture them anyway. Do what you can to promote having these interests and trust in them. Just because you're the adult does not always mean you know best for a child, especially in terms of hobbies and other interests. They are human beings and deserve to be treated as such. Think what your kid is doing as a hobby or interest is stupid? Think instead about an adult friend you have and if you would tell to their face that the hobby or interest is stupid. Would you? The answer is no, no you would not. Or at least not if you actually cared about your friend. So don't do it to your kid, give them the same kind of respect and for the love of all things good in the world just let them have their interests without you trying to force something else down their throats.


If I were a parent I would let children decide what they want to do in life and what career they want to follow. I would trust their willing and consider that it is better this way. However I know some cases in which some parents chose for their children and while at that time it seemed a not so good decision in my opinion it turned out to be a good one. 

I have a family friend that was advised to become a saxophone player by his dad and although he didn't like that when he was a child and did it just for his father he gradually liked the saxophone, graduated every music school he followed and he became a very good saxophone player and now not only that he likes what he does but he makes good money out of his profession. 

It seems that although his father might have forced him to follow such a profession it was useful for him and he likes it a lot. I don't think though that every parent should do that but this example proved me that sometimes it is not a terrible case if a parent decides for a child what profession he should follow. It depends. Generally I am for the freedom of choice even in the case of children but sometimes parents know better. 


In my opinion, it is bad that parents make the decision of all the needs of their children, and that they force them to live according to their taste.

So how do we fight against this serious plague?

First, families must give their children a part of their lives so that they can relate to each other and know their hobbies, activities and wishes.

On the other hand, one should not swear and decide to some opinions or personal opinions and it must be under a deception or a meeting.

Then, parents can just inform and advise their children since they have experience in life but not to oblige to follow these opinions. They remain personal opinions.

On the other hand, in case the parents know that it is a serious situation which requires the intervention of the parents (like the marriage, the orientation, and the work ... etc). Now parents can step in to save the future of their children. BUT NOT FOREVER !!

Certainly, they remain our parents and it is obligatory to listen to him even if the choice is not ours and know that they want only our happiness and our joy and we must obey them to have a good daily life with the society and our God.


I think its best to guide a child in the right path, give them advise and support all the time but at the end of the day, support your child's decision. While deciding may seem the best thing, the Child might end up hating the path You have chosen for them That this might lead to frustration and alot of unhappiness.

If your child seems confused in which way to go, its your duty as a parent to enable the child realise his passions and get guidance accordingly