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What are the best ways to remove constipation?

This is an interesting question. Well, I guess it is really unpleasant to have constipation. Something that makes us feel really unwell in some ways.

One of the reasons why a person would have constipation is due to the lack of Fibre or foods that can easily push out those food from inside.

There may be some blockage within the intestine that needs clearing.

One of the first and foremost important thing to do is to drink more water. It would really help to smoothen the waste material in the intestine that will later easily glide out of the flower shaped opening. Water adds lubrication. Drink some milk. Milk will cause an explosion and releases all those feel good waste.

The second thing is to check what in our diet causes our intestine to be blocked up. I guess one of the reasons is eating too much meat. Reduce meat in take and increase vegetable intake for the time being. Meat basically rots if it doesn't exit our body when it needs to. The rotten meat usually still stays in the intestine and makes it hard the removal of waste.

There is one more and it is traditional used in the Chinese culture that I was administered when I was still young and I had constipation. It is a kind of rubber tube with some laxative liquid of about 10 to 15ml. Then you need to insert that tube into the flower shaped opening and pump the laxative solution inside. It will cause a strong feeling of pooping and you better run to the toilet.


Constipation is a common digestive problem; today, about 20 percent of Americans have constipation.

Constipation  can be caused by foods that people use, in addition to lifestyle,  drugs, or diseases, they also cause constipation, if you get stool less  than 3 times a week, you suffer from constipation. 

Home Remedies for Constipation

1. Drink more water

To treat constipation, drink enough water to hydrate your body. It is best to take a glass of water every 2 hours. It is best to take a lunch bottle of fresh lime every morning.

2. Consume fiber foods

People with constipation should consume high fiber foods, because fiber can increase stool and increase intestinal movements. Foods high in fiber such as raw fruits and vegetables, beans and nuts. 

Green leafy vegetables contain not only fiber but also high amounts of magnesium that can help to improve constipation.

Prune is one of the high-fiber fruits that acts as a natural laxative and can cause constipation.

3. Exercise to treat constipation

Studies have shown that exercise significantly reduces the symptoms of constipation. If you have a constipation, try to walk regularly.

4. Treatment of constipation with coffee

Studies have shown that soluble fiber and caffeine in coffee can stimulate your colon and cause constipation.

5. Senna leaf to treat constipation

Senna is one of the best herbal remedies for the treatment of constipation. The  Senna contains herbal compounds called glycosides, which stimulate the  nerves in the intestine and slow the movement of the intestine. Senna use for pregnant and lactating women and people with inflammatory bowel disease is not recommended.

6. Sesame and sesame oil properties for constipation

Fats in sesame seeds and sesame oil are beneficial for moisture in the intestines and can cause constipation.

7. Properties of mint tea and ginger for the treatment of constipation

Mint and Ginger are both useful herbs to treat constipation. Mint  contains monolol that has antispasmodic effect and relaxes the muscles  of the gastrointestinal tract. Ginger is a healing plant that causes  more heat inside the body.

Mint tea and ginger are useful for improving the digestion and natural treatment of constipation.

In addition, the flower of Mohammad and Rose can also be useful for the treatment of constipation.

8. Olive oil for the relief and treatment of constipation

Olive oil contains healthy fats and can treat constipation.

9. Properties of fresh lemon for constipation

Citric acid in fresh lemon acts as a stimulant to your digestive system and can cause constipation.

Add fresh liquor every morning to a glass of water and drink. Treatment of constipation: raisins

10. Raisin Properties for Constipation

Raisins contain fiber and tartar acid, which is used as a natural laxative for the treatment of constipation.

In addition to raisins, fresh figs and dried figs can also help treat constipation.

11. Castor oil for the treatment of constipation

Castor oil is known as home remedy for constipation. Eat 1 to 2 teaspoons of fasting castor oil and see the results in less than 8 hours.

12. Husker

One of the ways to treat constipation is in traditional medicine. Eating  two tablespoons of dish with a glass of warm water in the morning and  at night is suitable for all kinds of diseases and is a good treatment  for mild constipation.

13. Pineapple

Pineapple,  like most fruits, is a good source of fiber, but on the other hand,  pineapple has an important feature that many fruits lack it, and that  is, the pineapple contains both soluble fibers and insoluble fibers.
Consequently,  by eating somewhat modest pineapple, you can protect yourself from a  wide range of complications and diseases such as constipation, diarrhea,  irritable bowel syndrome, arteriosclerosis, blood clots, and blood  pressure.

Pineapple consumption increases the amount of stool and makes food easy to pass through the digestive tract. Also,  the use of pineapples increases the production and secretion of gastric  juice and digestive juices and helps digestion and digestion. 


 If your stomach does not work well, then you get constipated. Almost all of us have experienced it or will experience it. Of course, constipation is not so serious and serious, but you can do things to get your body back to normal. 

Constipation can have many reasons, including the following:

  • Stomach acid antacids containing calcium and aluminum
  • Apply changes to activities or daily diet
  • Colon Cancer
  • Over-dairy nutrition
  • Nutrition Disorders
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Nervous diseases like Parkinson & MS.
  • Inadequate activity
  • Lack of adequate water and fiber in your diet
  • Pregnancy
  • There is a problem in the nerves and musculoskeletal system
  • Postponing the time of toilet; some do not go to the toilet in a timely manner due to the problem of hemorrhoids
  • Some medications (very strong analgesics like opiates, antidepressants or iron tablets)
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Excessive use of laxatives 

If you have constipation, the best practices are:

  1. Drink warm liquids, especially in the morning.
  2. Non-eating will cause constipation. If you do not eat breakfast and  lunch, there is nothing to move in the intestine, so you will not have  the intestines at the time. So it is best to eat three main meals and two snacks during the day.
  3. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet
  4. Using a tablespoon of olive oil in fasting form. You can also add a teaspoon of lemon juice.
  5. Take a sour lemon and combine with a cup of warm water. Then drink
  6. One or two cups of coffee a day; Caffeine helps to strengthen the gastrointestinal tract.
  7. Natural fiber: beans, apricots, whole breads, plums, apples and pears, nuts, potatoes (do not use fried!)
  8. Two glasses of plum juice of Bukhara; one glass of the morning and one glass of the night or a plum paste after a few days!
  9. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a quarter cup of hot water and drink. Baking soda is very effective in treating constipation and liverizing the abdomen.
  10. Aloe vera gel consumption
  11. Getting beneficial bacteria through the use of probiotic yogurt. 

When dealing with constipation one should strive to turn to natural remedies to cure it. Try to stay away from any medical treatment before you try to cure it naturally.

What you can do is:

  1. Eat more fibers from organic fruits and vegetables
  2. Drink a lot of water
  3. Make yourself some kefir and eat it mixed with flax seeds for breakfast for a week. Take one week off and repeat. 
  4. Excercise more
  5. Drink a strong coffee
  6. Eat prunes
  7. Try magnesium citrate - it's a well known and popular home remedy for constipation

If all else fails after a month of trying, buy over-the-counter laxatives and seek medical consultation with your doctor.


Forget all the other doctor answers. It is very simple eat dried fruit and drink water and it works every time. The dried fruit give your body the fiber required and it would cause movement.


in my opinion the best way to get rid of constipation is to consume foods that contain high fiber. for example like papaya fruit. papaya contains high fiber in it.

the function of fiber can facilitate metabolism in the body. besides being able to eliminate constipation, fiber is also very useful for reducing levels of bad cholesterol in the blood so in my opinion the best thing to eliminate constipation is to consume foods that contain fiber. besides that increasing the consumption of water can also eliminate constipation.


Drink lots of coffee and eat lots of fibre such as cereal. You will be going like the clappers after these.