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What are the benefits of cupping?

Cupping is a therapeutic method that is performed by creating a suction in a  specific place of the body and taking blood from that part and its main  purpose is to drain blood from the body or to divert the bloodstream  from one part to another.

The benefits of cupping are to regulate and strengthen the immune system,  regulate the secretion of the body's hormonal glands, detoxify the body,  reduce fat and blood sugar, increase body energy, reduce blood levels,  prevent blood clotting, reduce inflammation in the tissue and cells, Increasing  the absorption of essential nutrients, increasing the excretion of  poisons through the kidneys and intestines, reducing urea and uric acid  levels and the rate of sedimentation of red blood cells.

Cupping  is an outpatient, low-cost, non-hospital and experimental  treatment, applicable to most ages and without side effects, and is  somewhat included in the surgeries and outpatient surgeries.

Cupping does not belong to a specific area of ​​the body, and various  points in the body can be cured according to the physician's opinion. For  example, the cupping of the head between two eyebrows in the middle of  the head helps to heal itching and heavy head, relieve vertigo and eye  problems, but if the cupping is not done by a skilled specialist,  sometimes with complications such as low awareness, low level of memory And there will be funeral.

Cupping the head, heaviness of the eyelids, head and forehead, bad breath and ear pain. With cupping under the chin, gingival and tooth pain, throat pain and chin boils will be better.
Of  course, it is necessary to know that cupping in different areas of the  head can cause complications in brain functions, which are also  mentioned in the narrations. On this basis, it is necessary to avoid this requirement without a real need.

It is also mentioned that the cupping of the liver is beneficial for  reducing the warmth and heat of the liver and for removing toxins. The  cupping of the kidney helps in the removal of kidney stones, and the  hematectomy of the lower limb reduces anal illness, testicular swelling,  uterus and hemorrhage, but the side effects can reduce men's sexual  strength and strength. 


First of all it is very dangerous to have cupping in unauthorized place and people. Person applying this should have medicine degree and certificate in order to not live a problem later on. 

The purpose of cupping is cleaning blood via taking out dirty blood in the body. This have many helps when it is applied correctly:

- Relief the body, decrease the stress level, and decrease anxiety 

- It could treat chronic headache people having badly

- It makes reflex stronger

- It helps to treat insomnia and help body to sleep well

- It helps to quit smoking and other bad habits

- It helps to treat many gynaecological diseases

And many more when having it in right conditions and some people are not appropriate to have cupping as well, they should be careful  having side effect to this. 


Benefits and properties of cupping :

1. Reducing blood concentration - Blood urea - Blood lipids - Blood glucose from heart and brain strokes  

2. Reducing skin diseases, especially blemishes and body and face drops, and preventing hair loss

3. Regulate the secretion of the internal number and hormones and thyroid and growth hormone

4. Treatment of hand and foot strangulation

5. Lack of height of children (adjustment of growth factors)

6. Increase the intelligence and memory of children and increase the appetites of children and adults

7. Sciatica (Low back pain) and Varicose veins

8. Effective in the treatment of cough, chronic cough, asthma and allergies

9. Treatment of pests and herpes in the mouth

10. Treatment of impotence and prostate problems

11. Nervous problems resolve and the chest tightness and dyspnea are reduced due to problems, nervousness and sadness. 


Cupping is a traditional therapeutic method in islamic medicine that has many benefits to improving some of the diseases, but if you want to use this method, you should know that this procedure has specific rules and a specific time to do and is harmful to some people.

Cupping has been proven for the dread of these diseases:



Paralysis of the face

Cervical spondylosis

Blood disorders such as anemia and hemophilia

Rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia

Fertility and disorders of women

Skin problems like eczema and acne

High blood pressure


Stress and depression

Bronchitis density due to allergies and asthma

Varicose veins


Bronchitis density


Digestive problems

the pain