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Is there such thing as a mean parent?
What level of discipline or punishment can a parent instill on their kids for them to be considered or called mean parents?

Any education and discipline done with love and respect must be well accepted, even though it may seem strong to us. A parent who educates his child with love and respect knows that when it comes to disciplining him, though harshly, he must do it with silk hands. One cannot call a bad father one who imparts obedience, respect, discipline, but one who attacks, who mistreats and disrespects not only the body but also the feelings and thoughts of his children. Let us imagine that there is, on the one hand, a father who thinks that his son does everything well, does not guide him or call his attention when the son does something bad and there is another who teaches, who guides. The son of the permissive father becomes a delinquent and the son of the strict father becomes a person of good. What is the bad father? A bad father is one who did not know how to educate his children, who did not know how to give them love, trust and respect. Because just as children must respect their parents, they must do the same with their children.