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Is now a good time to be buying STEEM with fiat?
... and would you use it to power up your Steemit account? i.e. increased vote value for continuous growth... but a 13 week delay to cash out/trade.

Personally I would say yes. The crypto market has been down for over 6 months now and has been hovering at this price for nearly a month.

Will it go up  don't know but at least if you buy steem you can power up your account and turn whatever you power up into pure profit straight away.

By powering up whatever amount you invest you can put it to good use and even if it is only 5% a week it all adds up quite quickly. The more you have the more you make and it is accumulative SP that increases your rewards.

When you have a small account you see growth but it may only be  a few dollars a week when you have more it is tens of dollars  a week and it is not overly difficult either.

Buy the dip and sell the peak or close to the peak if you are investing. 


Yes, it is a good time to make an investment in STEEM as its price is at bottom at the moment. You can use your investment in many ways. Let me list some below:

**1. HODL**

You can hold your STEEM for long periods, so when its price rises you can sale it to earn higher profits.

**2. Power Up**

Yes this is also a good option to power up and it will increase your vote value. You can either sale out your vote on Smartsteem or Minnowbooster if you don't curate yourself.

**3. Buy SP on lease**

Well it is similar to the powering up but if you lease SP through minnowbooster or some other way. You will get high amount of SP. then sale your vote on Smartsteem/MB to earn profits.

**4. Trading**

This option requires you to put a continuous eye on the market so you can buy/sale a coin to get the profit. Well this option is not recommended until you fully learn about trading. So you don't lose your hard earned money.


When investing in any commodity or currency, you always buy when the price is down and sell when the price is up. Steem price has been down for some months now and this is a good time to buy some steem with fiat if you have the money. Some people are still waiting in hope that the price will fall lower before they will buy, but I don't think that the price will fall lower than it currently is. This is a good time to buy steem and hold in hope of a rise in the nearest future


Th answer is Yes, if we buy more steem and hodl them for the expected bull run to come and that will benefit on the long run. Crypto advisers always say it is good to buy during the dip cos when it later rises, it will benefit them


I think it is showing enough signs of a bottom and this is the ideal time to buy steem as much as one can and historically also, steem used to bottom out in November/December, so who ever has fiat money it is ideal time to buy steem going into Christmas and I have a feeling like Bitcoin will go to 9k, and if that happens then steem will  also go up I think .

It is the best way always is to buy the bottom and sell the top and if you power it up it will be even more better and it will give more resources to engage with the community and if you are an active member in steemit then it will certainly help you as you can influence.

Once you see the higher high and higher low and RSI moving up, you will see the first sign of bull run and it is likely to see a bull run, be it a mini run or something like that but a bull run is long due for steem.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I always buy steem with fiat whenever the price breaks below $0.85, I buy it on binance.

It presents a goo opportunity to get in cheap as some people would say.

I feel its not yet time to power up the steem I have on binance though, there's still quite some time before SMTs roll out.