What is your favourite Steem blogging interface... and more importantly: Why?
... i.e. Steemit.com vs Busy.org vs SteemPeak.com?


The reason for that is, Busy provides some extra features that steemit's internal editor doesn't. Steemit editor doesn't have a toolbar. It used to have one but it doesn't appear to me anymore.

If I want to add links to a steem post, I have to manually format that in markdown like this [link title](url). In busy, I can do that by just clicking on the link button in the toolbar.

Busy.org's interface is also more responsive than steemit's internal editor. Busy allows saving multiple drafts. But you can only save one draft on steemit.com. 

Busy.org is consistently improving and major development work is going on to improve it. Steemit's development is largely halted due to the devs working on SMT and other stuff.

The only thing steemit does better is image upload. Busy image upload is a bit choppy but steemit has a smooth image upload system.


I've gone through writing on Steemit, Busy.org and Steempeak for the most part, and what my brain and body has accustomed the most to, is definitely Steempeak.

When I first started on my Blockchain adventure, I thought Steemit was the only option where you could write your content besides something like a Microsoft Word or even a Google Drive file. That was what I knew back then and I struggled so hard to learn and master the oh so clunky interface of steemit that I even made my sort of own tips and tricks before actually studying a little bit of markdown and HTML formatting.

Then the allmighty, organized and pristine Busy.org came with all of it's features an it took my breath away. I didn't even think twice about switching to busy once I had found about it. The switch was imminent, spectacular and absolutely smooth as butter. The writing on busy was way easier and more fluid than it ever was during my experience on Steemit. Besides, I might have a bias for busy only for the choice of colors they use since blue is one of my all time favorite colors. 

Busy's main functions are basically what Steemit doesn't and probably will never do. They don't make you switch between the HTML and the Markdown editors, it just combines them into a single fluid experience. You also got the new and improved drafting of posts where you can literally store any ideas or templates you come up with; I don't even use busy anymore and I've still got templates there because of how useful that function is.

But then, quietly and seamlessly, Steempeak appeared one day on my feed. I said to myself that it was probably worth to try it and voilah, It's the best choice I made for creating content.

I think Steempeak's main goal is to create the most beautiful reading and writing experience the market has to offer. While Busy.org focuses on bringing a lot of new things to the table, Steempeak takes all of that as a given and builds on top of it, making the experience more practical, technical and aesthetically pleasing. It's got the same draft mechanics, editor and image uploading interface as busy but it showcases it in such a different way that it feel completely different but familiar at the same time.

Both have some shortcomings, though. I've spent bad times with Busy where it just forgets to upload my newest draft to the page and this even has caused me to lose some posts on their entirety. Steempeak on their own part don't have this problem (At least it hasn't happened to me) but I do find annoying that it doesn't matter how many times you click on the "Feed" button, it won't update your feed. I've spent hours thinking that some of my friends haven't posted anything at all and then boom I click on the refresh button and I notice that I've lost 4 hours of new content, looking at something that wasn't actually being refreshed.

I think the real answer in here is that people go to Busy over Steemit because it offers so much more, while Steempeak incorporates all of that but shows it in a completely different way. It's a way to look at a much more organized and aesthetically driven Steemit blog. That's why I prefer Steempeak's Interface over any other.


Steemit.com is my favorite and is the one that I used the most since I joined the platform. A matter of fact I joined Steem through Steemit. 

I like it because it has user friendly interface and it is very easy to use and get used with.

I also like and find very useful the fact that it has a night mode which busy.org doesn't have.

It make it eye friendly when being active late night and throughout my experience I often had to do that.

It also has a plus of saving drafts with absolutely no problem while busy giving very often errors at doing that.

Another big plus to it is that you don't have to login via Steem Connect once in a while like on busy.org which is a good thing. I am not a fan of often logins. 

There are things that could be improved and I am sure that in the future we will see more improvements to it but for now in my case is the best.

Simple, reliable, user friendly and "healthy" for eyes and why not "my first love" for blogging. 


If I have to choose, my choice is busy.org

The reason I chose the platform is because they still care about all loyal users, they will give curations to posts that they think are worthy of curation.

Unlike steemit.com which I have known since 1 year ago I joined until now, their platform is still in beta and there is no attempt to update to alpha and steemit.com versions as if it doesn't care about the existence of loyal users, namely steemian.

If the 3 choices are not available, then I will answer the best platform in the world that is connected with steem blockchain at this time is musing.io

This is the greatest platform and has extraordinary vision, everyone can learn and understand many things here. Unlike other platforms, and musing.io ideas nothing can replace because they are unique and special.


started with steemit and switch over to busy since

1) clean simple design layout

2) first to have notification bell alert

3) they have busy.org and busy.pay that give out upvotes

4) probably one of the first to have slider option for upvotes

5) easier to view other ppl account VP mana %, activities etc

6) easier view on post upvote breakout


I have tried a few of the different interfaces and one does stand out head and shoulders over all the others for a few reasons.

Steemit .com is what we all start on so it is not difficult to improve on this as this is what the apps use as their foundation.

Busy.org was the first one developed after Steemit and is very basic and is just an alternative offering little more than just an upvote.

Steemplus was one I really enjoyed and you log on using steemconnect. It has many additional features and has an easy interface with loads of extra things you probably will never use.

Esteemapp was one I joined in the last few days and has features that I enjoy. A lot of thought has gone into this with little things like post timings. If you write a post you can schedule when you want it posted and it will automatically be done for you. It has all the other features that are combined on the other sites so this stands out as the premium interface that I have used.


I enjoy using eSteem because of the ease of use. It is connected to my keypad and points out wrong spellings by underlining it in red; I enjoy it when I need to make a transfer out because all I need is input the username and amount, then select asset, it doesn't ask for my keys as I am already logged on.

eSteem also has provision for post schedule, saving of a draft, and notifications about every action related to you. Overall, eSteem also reward users in vote.

My next favourite will be air-clinic but that's not a part of the question... Just my favourite😂


So far it has been Steemit.com because it has the least problems. All the other blogging interfaces that I've tried come with many kinds of bells and whistles but they don't work as flawlessly. Steemit.com is very simple, fast and but robust. SteemPeak.com shows photographs in a larger size no matter where they are hosted. On my phone, I've found Partiko to be easy and convenient to use. 

Steemworld.org is convenient and fast if I want to look at financial stats. If I want a full blockchain browser, I'll use steemd.com. I used to frequent steem.supply for financial and follower data but it looks as if it is a bit broken these days. Maybe I should try Bus.orgy more often because I've seen it pay some of its users quite well.


From the ones I have used , I still prefer busy.org for they Introduction more and reasonable features to enhance user experience.

- imagine an interface that introduced Steemonnect. A layer on top of the Steem blockchain that makes accounts secure.

- busy.org is an interface that tells you if your followers are online

- An interface that allow users to perform flawless transactions. An so many other features.

I would have said the only disadvantage of using buys.org is that, you always need to type the address before accessing busy.org. but no!!!!!!!! You can also bookmark it and then add it on your home screen.


Which so much look like an application. 👌


eSteem is my favorite for many, many reasons. 

I started using eSteem seven or eight month ago when I was traveling constantly and needed a mobile dApp to be able to post and stay active on Steemit when I was away. eSteem was the only dApp that had a mobile version as well. This was and still is a big help not only for me but also for a number of users who only use their mobile phones for blogging. 

I loved that I can make drafts and schedule posts which came handy every time I had no time to post. I just prepared a scheduled post which was posted at the given time. You can also check notification to see your upvotes, follows, mentions, reblogs and replies.  

eSteem has both desktop and mobile version, both are constantly updated, new features are constantly added. it has a user friendly interface as well. 

eSteem has an encouragement program which means good content is rewarded by eSteem. This can be very motivating and a monthly giveaway, where you can ear SBD. 


Without a doubt my favorite interface is eSteem because it is an interface that is perfectly coupled with steemit and that also allows to write post and automate the time in which they are published. It is also an extremely fast and fluid interface with many great options such as save post to publish them later or even predetermine the time we want them to be published. Another thing I like very much is that the developer @good-karma gives free votes to those who use and support the use of the platform.

Another great feature is that we can configure the use of multiple accounts and save each one with a private session key.


For me steemit.com is still the most solid but there's plenty of room for busy.org or steempeak.com to step up and become the go to interface in the near future. 


My favorite steemit blogging interface is esteem app because it makes blogging on the steemit platform more easier. Esteemapp is also a app that that encourages users by giving them rewards through good upvotes.

Through esteem app one can get notifications on whoever comments, upvotes and also follows him/her just by putting on the notification settings


I prefer Steampeak because of its many advanced features. It is sleek and fashionable and it has many tools that are not on Steemit.com. For instance, we are able to see our voting power and the value in our profile and we we can regulate the voting bar of our voting power on a post we want to upvote.

Also, like Steemit there is also night mode on Steempeak.

And there is a place where we can check all important notifications of our activities on the steem blockchain.

And we can also change our blog or feed into either list or gridview.

Anyway I really appreciate and prefer Steampeak because it is very easy and cool to use.


My favourite Steem blogging interface is eSteem due to many reasons. First, it is an app and very easy to regulate. Since it is an app, it comes in handy when making a post. I'm a kind of person who takes little information and saves them for a future post. eSteem lets me do that. I can also schedule a post to be posted later. And unlike Steemit, I also get handy/important notifications right on the go from an app. The best part of it all is that I get upvotes for making use of the app. Now, isn't that wonderful?


My favorite one is esteem surfer and esteeapp. It's easy to use. Offer a great services like notification, swiftly upload images. It provide you an option to save drafts and It also give you option to auto post at the time you like.  Each time when you login you don't required your steem password. All you need to enter 4 digits password. Even if you write quality content it rewards you a decent upvote. 


Steempeak is definitely the best out of the three when it comes to formatting and all other options, like drafts and stuff. Busy comes second, and has the benefit of getting a big upvote by their bot if you have a big following and publishh their interface so that's something you may want to have in mind.

However, after a year and something of using steemit.com, it's hard to make the switch to anyother ui, purely out of habit. But I am working on it :)


My Favorite steem blogging interface is steemhunt.com because it has many cool features like when you are posting there are separate Box for your post title, Description, Even for link and a body where you can write something about product or application. There is also a slider for upvote even you have less Sp you can manage your upvote value and much more  


I mostly post on busy.org, it came in first and so I became used to it.

But to be honest, if steempeak has a voting strength same as busy then I might see a migration😉


I really like esteem surfer on the desktop. I tried most other  interfaces and I love the reference tab with esteem and also the preview on the right hand side as you are writing. It has all the bits and pieces and I really like the day and night mode


I started with Steemit.com and I love it for many reasons , I just need to log in once and my password is already saved automaticly..

Steemit.com doesn't slash my post pay out like esteem, steempress and others use to do.

I also don't need to log in steemconnect to access my account through steemconnect like d apps like steemhunt do.


Right now its musings.io  , people write meaningful replies , curation also seems to be on point !!


I love busy.org because it is so easy to use. It lets me know what is going on with my account as far as comments and transactions and follows. It is everything steemit should be to start with. That would have gotten a lot more new users to stick around. 


Steemit.com Because i ve discovered it first. I heard the others now from this question.