What is the biggest benefits you got from technology?

The biggest benefit I have ever got from technology is the ability to communicate and make so many friends from around the world. 

I had an early form of E-Mail back in the early 80's which was a service called Telecom Gold. I worked there which is the only reason I had the account but with the dawn of global communications by home computers in the late 80's, at first using dial-in bulletin boards and Compuserve.  Everything was charged per minute on top of the phone bill and of course, there were no flashy graphics but it was incredible that i could message and talk to people with bizarre pseudonyms in far off places.

Moving through the 90's we had the first dial up internet as we know it today and in the UK for me, that was AOL before moving onto Freeserve.  

Finally when I got my first broadband connection in about 2001, I really became engrossed in the world out there. Yahoo chat was followed by a friend finder site which had IM and live chat rooms, profiles and space to blog. 

Here there was a truly global community, and the chats were often slightly more serious than the regular flirting and BS you got on the old Yahoo chat, although using YM was the de-facto messenger at that time.

There was a whole group of about 30 of us who had our own chat room, and due to the time differences and the fact we numbered about 17 nationalities in our midst, there was always someone in there to chat to 24 hrs a day.

We began organising meet-ups, some were big group meets. One amazing one where 18 of us all managed to get to Kiev was followed by smaller ones in the UK, Amsterdam, Moscow and Dubai. 

I also began travelling and met almost everyone in that group over the following few years from Argentina to Asia and all across Europe. Some people also came to visit me in the UK including a friend from Hawaii.

We are all still friends today, stlll chat and stay friends on Facebook although all our lives have moved on and not many of us get together these days. We are all of course, much older! The group back in 2004 at its peak was made up of all ages from 18 to almost 60!

The site is still up, but not used by many but I still sometimes login and see the blogs that were written 15 years ago.

Technology has brought me the internet which in turn has brought me friendship, love and most importantly knowledge. It brought me a love of travel and an understanding that no matter where people are from, we all have the same hopes, fears and insecurities. Our basic needs are all exactly the same. We are all humans.

My journey still continues to this day.....


The biggest benefit of I've gotten from technology has been the ability to make money online. Before I came of age, I've always hated the so-called 'white collar jobs'. I disliked the thought of having to do 9-5 and fact that we had to live our lives working for someone else. I've always hated having to wait on the orders of a superior. I mean to do what someone says and to be caged by some stringent set of rules. I have always loved freedom and so I was always on the look for opportunities to make money without having to be behind a desk from morning to evening. So when, in my teenage age, I learnt that day was opportunity available online to make money I got very excited,

Since I could use the internet, I've been searching vehemently for ways to make money online. I've seen it all, tried gambling, I've tried blogging and eventually many many ways and the truth is that it is possible to make you full time income online.

Nowadays there are a lot of scams online but if you give your time and effort to searching for the right type of content and if you are willing to pay for the service of seasoned professionals to teach you how they have managed to build million dollars companies online, you could learn their trade and carve a path for yourself.

So the biggest things I've benefited from technology is the ability to make income online.

Thanks for the question by the way


The biggest benefit that I've got from technology is the ability to work online. The computer and internet made it possible to create jobs online.

I have been working online for years as a freelancer. It is great to be able to earn a living even. in the comfort od your own home. No need to commute and you can also work in a flexible time.

Another big benefit is being able to communicate easily online to anyone, anywhere in the world that has internet connection.


Truthfully, the biggest benefit I have gotten from technology is my job.  I have a career that allows me to provide for my family.  

That is the best benefit I can think of.

As a young child I was always interested in technology.  As you can see from some of my posts on Steemit.  I was enthralled with Radio Shack and actually ended up working there for three years while I was in college.  

I would go through the technology store catalog page by page and drool over all of the awesome things in there.

Then I was able to start programming and building computers and that was just another clincher for me being on the right path.

To this day I am always learning new things about technology. It is not only my career, but it allows me to easily be a life long learner.


There are lots of benefits I got from technology. If you ask me what is the biggest or most valuable one , then it will be like when I had doubts in school, college or work place i don't have to depend on someone instead, I just browse and do self-study. We don't have to worry about any simple or silly doubts because technology is not gone question you like you don't even know this :p. and not only that biggest benefit about technology is you get correct answer if you know to search in proper way. From pin to ship you get answers from worldwide which is really helpful for everyone. Not only that in my personal experience I am able to be in contact with all my friends from my school days till now, its been above years but we still meetup share memories with each other it's all because of this wonderful technology. If we are far away from family and friends you can do video call which will make you feel happy and it will avoid loneliness. Technology is something made our life simple and faster which is good.


The biggest benefit of technology is invention of Internet.  

Internet has made a great progress in these years form dialup network to high speed wireless network. Now we has access to internet almost all our world. 

Internet has changed our lives completely. We are very much dependent on the internet now a days and it has changed our way of life.

With the help of internet we get socialized with the people all the globe.

We have flourished our businesses through it.

We have access to the knowledge.

Where internet has many advantage there are few drawback also

By excessive use of internet our children are becoming addictive and physically less active.

We are connected socially with globe but we are not aware of our neighbors.

There are chances that our children get involved in bad company if not kept an eye on them. 

In conclusion I can say that despite of some concerns about internet it has facilitated our lives in great aspects. 


The biggest benefits from technology is that i now can answer your question easily.


I think some of the benefits that I got from technology especially at the area that i am staying is the cashless transactions that tech wallets provides. Other than that is the increase information that i can get for free. It tends to make our lives alot better and plus the internet has been upgraded. i believe that in a few more years , things are gonna get faster. 

Nowadays without technology, life would really slow down. Technology has really helped alot in helping us do our daily work. With cloud nowadays, it is relatively simple to store data onto the net. 


Since I am legally blind technology helps me in assistive ways. Video magnifiers allow me to focus on small text print and enlarge the text. Computer technology gives me more job opportunities.