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How can bribery be stopped in a society?

I don't believe it can.

Humans, by nature, are greedy and if they can get something they want (power, position, money) by doing something simple (granting a favour) they will most likely do it.

Unless punishment is severe (such as capital punishment) it is unlikely that there is a sufficient deterrent to stop bribery at all levels.

Until we live in a Utopian society in which no one has any individual wants/needs that aren't met simply by asking, there will always be bribery/corruption.

People want more than what they have, more than what their neighbours have and are willing to sell their morals and ethics for the right price in order to get a little closer to their goals

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My honest answer is this: 

I don't believe it is something that will ever stop. This is an opinion that is based on the facts that we know regarding human nature. 

First one must look at the core reason one may bribe another person. It boils down to selfishness. Someone committing an act of bribery is working towards something that will offer a means to their own end. This is simply part of the selfish side of human nature. 

That's not to say that everyone is afflicted by the division between their morals, and their selfish needs. Plenty of people would never engage in a bribe, but it's I think it's pretty accurate to say, that there are an equal number of people who will just as quickly engage in bribes, without giving it a second though.

I hope this answer helps.


Honestly, bribery can't be totally eradicated but reduced to it's bearest minimum and this process begins with you and I. By making up our minds to do that which is right even when no one is watching. Our lifestyle could be a book for others to emulate. No amount of rules and regulations created can do the transformation better than"we" making up our minds to follow the right path.


One solution is giving the bribe to oficer who encounters this problem and give information to authorized state department. Oficer will get bribe as a reward and person giving bribe goes to court and get punishment. 

Another long term solution is giving proper aducation in schools and train students according to right rules of community for their future. This solve the whole problem. 

Maybe another solution could be giving response by people who do all thing by rules. Community should give necessary response to them in order to make them embarrassed.

These could solve the problem at least decrease the problem. 


Don't give money or non-monetary rewards and don't accept them. Make it public - there should be organizations in every country working for that. You probably will have disadvantages etc. because other people keep bribing, but the more people are with this cause the better it will be.