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How can i develop strong personality and presence?

Try not to talk excessively. Talk just when it's required. 

Talk in a moderate, reasonable way. What's more, grin while talking. 

Try not to chuckle excessively. This is critical. Chuckle sufficiently just to keep up your sense of pride. An excess of chuckling results in loss of regard and great picture. 

Be sure. Try not to stress, this isn't a buzzword guidance. I'll disclose to you how. As a matter of first importance, if a subject is under dialog, don't simply make a plunge only for appearing to be a certain person. Individuals are wise enough to identify a phony certainty. To have the capacity to discuss the subject, read the news, web journals, be familiar with the most recent patterns in legislative issues, innovation, or potentially whatever intrigues you, previously. Thusly, you'd have a solid grasp on the subject and you'd have the capacity to examine these in more noteworthy points of interest. And keeping in mind that talking about the theme, dependably recognize other individuals' conclusions and don't reprimand straightforwardly yet additionally have your very own firm ground assessments in the meantime. While passing on a message, sentiment or discourse, complete a little homework heretofore. (Keep the focuses 1, 2, and 3 in your brain at the same time). 

Try not to lean forward while standing. Stand firm and straight with your chest totally open however sufficiently wide to not be presumptuous. 

Keep up eye to eye connection while talking. This may take practice. An expression of alert however: this may shift contingent upon the way of life you are in. 

With regards to deciding, be great at it. Get your work done previously and once you take a choice, remain by it. Therefore, get your work done well and take as much time as necessary. 

Have an energy for something extracurricular and be great at it. For instance, sports, music, and so forth. 

Keep in mind, center is the key. Be an exceptionally engaged individual. Have a laser-like core interest. Once more, this isn't simple and requires practice and consistency. 

Attempt to have a decent comical inclination however don't make jokes a ton. Stay genuine yet not to a more prominent degree. A decent comical inclination is additionally imperative so don't fail to understand the situation. 

Keep in mind, staying genuine is its very own expertise. Read point 9 once more. Center will enable you to stay genuine. Looking genuine may likewise build your picture among the network. 

While shaking hands, have a firm grasp. This is a vital identity characteristic. 

Keep in mind, great sentence structure is provocative. 

Be eager and positive in the meantime. Eagerness for negative things will lead you off track. 

This one is the most imperative. Keep up a cool state of mind in each circumstance and be EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT.


having a strong personality and presence is something that will make someone very great and very successful. but its not something that could be built over night, its is something that be developed over time. little things that might be overlooked counts when trying to develop your yourself into having a strong personalty and presence. below are some of the steps that should be taken when trying to build/develop your strong personalty and presence, the steps are; 

1. be confident in yourself. you must have a strong ego and also never look down on your self. when ever you have an idea on something, share and say it with confidence. do not be shaky when trying to express yourself. express your self with style and confidence. building your confidence matters a lot.

2. read books, journals , articles, blogs, newspapers, listen to news ; do all of this and more into to broaden your horizon and become abreast with the current happenings of the world. information is key, being knowledge about things going on around makes you one step ahead

3. it is also imperative to talk less and listen more. you tend to gain respect from doing that. only talk when you are being called upon and talk on matters with facts and point. talk in a very understandable and relate-able manner and smile while talking . while addressing people make sure you maintain an eye contact with your audience and make sure they are following what you are saying.

4. in a gathering or meeting , when a joke is been passed around, laugh normal and do not laugh too much because by laughing too much, you can tend to misbehave and people wont accord you respect for not composing your self well enough. this point is very important, composure is very important.

5. be vastly rich in knowledge and do more and more research before making a decision. do not rush into making a decision, do your findings and come out with the best response or answer you could generate from your findings. just take your time when doing this so has not come into the wrong conclusion.

6. you must be focused and very serious in any activities in your engaging yourself into. being focused is very important in getting rewards and it can be built over time through practicing and consistency. while being serious helps improve your image in the community. 

7. speak well when addressing people and also have good sense of humor. when you speak to to people, make sure you speak to them in such a way that they will be connected to what your are saying, tell them little jokes but do not make it too much, so as for them to be connected with what you are saying. 

8. have a hobby and engage yourself one or two extracurricular activities. while doing this, make sure you are passionate about them and never stop enjoying yourself while engaging in them. 

9. make sure you do things right and always be positive in everything you are doing. little things like shaking of hand with a firm grip matters, have a positive mindset over anything you are engaging yourself into also matters. do away with negative thoughts and develop good manners that will always be respectable.

10. the last but not the least is that always remember that everything cant and wont be always be going your way. it is okay to fail but learning from your failures is what really matters . As far as you keep raising when failing, then their is hope and a way for you.

thanks for reading.


@Pojaro, In my opinion whatever qualities we have to develop, first of all we have to do practice of it for sure because otherwise it's really tough to transform. And in my opinion what thoughts we are holding and what is going on in our innerself will determine how we are reflecting in the outside world.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂