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What can i do with my spare time that would really improve my life?

Spare times are one of the most important moments of our lives. Mainly because it is during those times when we're not engrossed in running around and getting pushed here and there by life that we can sit down and plan or acquire the necessary skills needed to improve our lives and those of others.

I think one of the very first things that you can do with a spare time is to use it as an avenue to evaluate your life in general. You can use it to examine everything that you've been doing for the day, or for the week, or for the month. Or even for the year. During these spare times we have a unique opportunity to just relax and look over how things have gone; to identify the non productive things and separate them from the productive ones.

You also have a chance, with your spare times, to create a plan on how you want things to go in your life henceforth; you can employ the data you obtained from the examination of previous events, and outline your subsequent actions from that. The point is to make sure henceforth you populate your time with the productive things and leave out the unproductive ones as much as possible.

Another thing you can do with your spare time is to use it as an opportunity to acquire more skills. This would require a lot of diligence and dedication, seeing as most of the time spare times are actually for doing things other than work. But it is also undeniably an opportunity for you to learn more skills that would put you ahead in your field.

You could also use it to consolidate the skills you already have. Brush up on the expertise you've acquired and be more proficient. This doesn't require as much time and concentration as acquiring new skills entirely so it may be more comfortable and just as productive.

Acquiring more knowledge and broadening your horizon is also one thing you can do with your spare time to improve your life. By acquiring more knowledge I don't neccesarily mean acquiring more skills, but more random knowledge about anything, that you can gain from perhaps reading books or journals or magazines etc.

And by broadening your horizon, I mean probably travelling, going to see places, learning more about other people, their cultures, ways of life and etc. Basically just learning more about life in general.

And lastly another thing you can do with your spare time that might improve your life, and possibly prolong it, is rest!

This, in fact, is why we have spare times in the first place

For us to take a time out from all the rigorous activities we put our bodies and our minds through. For us to rest. And what better way to spend this spare time then than to do what its meant for and spare our bodies and minds of the eternal stress.

This has been proven to not only automatically improve our minds and cognitive capabilities, but it also undoubtedly prolongs our life and helps us live a healthier and more fulfilled one.


You have to isolate the things you can't transform from the ones you can (difficult to do I know), and begin tolerating the ones you can't, at that point endeavor to change the others. You said 'harassed'? Who does this to you? Is there an approach to report them to experts or look for assistance from other individuals to intercede to stop it? 

I concur with exercise really, it sounds little and not at all piece significant it individuals exercise's identity more joyful, physically exercises discharge endorphins :). Doesn't need to be done in the exercise center. Some moving classes give an insane measure of cardio exercise and fun as well - like swing move or road and hip jump. You may likewise wind up finding new companions. Yoga classes is likewise entirely stunning to enable you to get sound and revived your psyche. 

Different things I can consider : 

Take different classes : cooking? Composing? Painting? Possibly sewing? Take in another ability and make a couple of new companions ! 

Volunteer. Creature shield, destitute safe house, some other altruistic associations around you. 

Plan a performance trip/travel, doesn't need to be enormous, similarly as a little boost, possibly over an end of the week. You can meet other individuals on your outing, and perhaps additionally allow you to acknowledge what you right now have. Or then again perhaps it should be huge, similar to take 3 months off and taken off? Relies upon your requirements and resources.... 

Change your routine possibly. Locate another activity, on the off chance that you don't care for this one. Begin taking a gander at what else is out there.


I would suggest to read books or join some educational courses. Investing in yourself always has the best ROI in comparison with all other investment instruments.

[Source: Pexels](https://pexels.com)