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What are the basic rules of life which you follow?

I live my life by only 3 major rules and it's these rules that have gotten me this far despite all my mistakes and shortcomings.

1. Mind your business: You'll never see me pork nosing into other people's affairs, what's not my business has never and will never be of my concern. When you don't mind your business you invite other people's problems into your own life, everybody has their own life and everybody has a right to live it their own way. I definitely have my opinions on certain things, but I've learned to keep them to myself instead of parading them like everyone should believe in the same things as I do. Trust me when I say you'll live longer and you'll be so much happier if you live your life according to this rule.

2. Always give the benefit of the doubt: I learned a long time ago that not every story is always true, not everything people say is always true either so whenever I hear anything about a person, I always give the person the benefit of the doubt because it's not in my power to pass judgement on a person or a person's character simply because I heard something about them. This is in line with my next life rule because I'd hope that everyone would give me the benefit of the doubt if they heard something disturbing or bad about me

3. Treat others how you'd like to be treated: I don't believe in treating people badly because I don't want to be treated badly, and I don't believe in looking down on people because I don't want anyone to look down on me so I make sure that I treat people how I'd like them to treat me. I don't raise my voice at people, I don't talk shit about people behind their backs either. If a person accuses me of not treating them well then they should know that I don't expect them to treat me any differently.

Living by this kind of code gives you the power to free yourself from the guilt of any negative actions that you've taken towards a person. I genuinely don't expect anyone to treat me better than I treat them and because of that, I don't feel bad when people who I never really cared about or am generally uninterested in having a relationship treat me badly because I probably never expected much from them.

As a bonus, I'd like to say that sometimes, it's good to treat people the way they treat you. I learned that there are people who will always negate your efforts to treat them nicely and either be unappreciative of that or just treat you badly. When you meet people like that, mirror their behaviour and treat them exactly how they treat you. It'll make you happier and give you less headaches.

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Basic Rules of Life 101:


Aka the number one rule of making sure your day remains productive forever. To succeed in life we have to be able to manage our time and assign them to take that ensure more productivity. Not just hanging out and having fun with friends. (Though there's nothing wrong with that, when done with balance!)

TIME FLIES, every day wasted is a day that can never be regained. One second we're waking up, the next we look at the time and the day's already gone; OUR lives are already gone. So get angry at this! Make the decision to make sure that it never happens the next day. And even when it happens we look back on the day, examine and analyse it. What made it go so fast without getting anything done? How can this be remedied? And etc.


For me thats probably writing. So I make sure I get a bit of writing done. I comment on steemit and answer questions on musing.

Then I get into creative writing a bit. Essays, reviews, fictions. I start from the basic descriptions, writinh dialogues, and whenever I hit a roadblock I just get a book and read.

Which is another thing I love. Reading and reading some more! Trying to learn from the experts so as to improve my own writing. Escaping for a while away from the rigors of life and into beautiful places!


Being conscious of what's going on inside us and our surroundings is a way to live a peaceful, fulfilled life: staying in the moment, observing the happenings around us. Because it's really the little things! The little things that bring us the most joy.

And as a writer it also pays to be observant and conscious of the surroundings as it helps in taking notes of the ordinary things people might overlook; the beauty in every day occurrences so as to make an art of it and put in down in writing.


It's easier than we think to lose sight of what matters in life. Which is why setting goals and breaking them into checkable tasks is one of the steps towards happiness and fulfilment in life.

You set the goals and take notes of the tasks that you can take at a day by day basis. You try your best to achieve these tiny tasks, even if the whole world is against you, and you will see how it goes a long way to ensure that when you go to bed at night you look back on the day you feel extremely proud.


Because sometimes the crowd is wrong. The knowledge many sometimes overcomes the knowledge of one, but most times nobody is certain of everything and everybody just does something because the guy next door is doing it. Which is why you see a lot of people following a fad even if they think its stupid.

So I make it a point of fact to always scrutinize situations personally and go with my guts, that way I know the decision was mine and I am ever prepared to face the outcome--whatever it turns out to be!


I dont think anybody in his right senses would have anything against this. Definitely not life XD. Sometimes we can lose our motivations though and become a bit lethargic.

When that happens personally I just think of the insecurity that comes from looking at your family and loved ones and people around you suffering; unable to enjoy the basic necessities of life and you being there helpless unable to do anything to resolve the case.

So get up, and make a move. That's the rule to survive in life. I mean there's a reason everyone wakes up every morning in search of something to do, don't you think? Do it for the safety; to feel the safety that comes from the fact that should something happen to you or your family member; you have the comfort of resources to alleviate and resolve the matter.


I think the most important thing I follow is to respect others and be honest at most times. Other than that is to build more bridge instead of burning them as we might not have that chance to meet an opportunity we once had due to our own ego.

Other than that, I follow a strict law of buying things only when I have the cash to pay for it. In the past, I loved using my credit card and always spent impulsively and ended up owing loads of debt which laid burden to my mind and took a toll on my financial health. It was really depressing too.

I also try to not gossip about others as I think it's a really bad habit as it doesn't respect others and the person we talk bad about will always find out that we talk behind their back. Then it will be really awkward to later see that person who knows that's we actually talk behind their back.

I also make sure that I read often and alot as I believe thst reading ensures that we keep up to date on the latest things that are happening around us. It will bring us to the future instead of staying in the past.

I also make sure that that I keep myself healthy. I am fit enough but not like those fitness gurus. Health is wealth. No matter how lazy I become on some days I still make sure I get my fitness level at par with what I expect myself to be in.


I try to live by these rules as much as I can

- Respect others, never do onto others what you would not want others to do to you

- Respect all life, even the tiniest life around you

- Be grateful

- Try to learn at least one thing per day. That will be much easier once you see that behind almost everything there is a lesson you can learn from it.

- Meditate. Often.

- Breathe. And be aware you are breathing

- Love yourself 

Loving yourself is the basis for not needing other people (I don’t mean not wanting other people around you, I mean NEEDING). So when you love yourself, you don’t mind being without other people, because you have yourself.

Accept yourself, your past and your current situation. Nothing can change the past, but the future is yours.How to start loving yourself? Try these steps: [http://coachesinthecity.com/en/21-different-things-to-do-to-love-yourself-more/](http://coachesinthecity.com/en/21-different-things-to-do-to-love-yourself-more/)


The three rules which I follow are:

* First impression is never the last impression - I strongly disagree with the saying that 'first impression is the best/last impression' It only works if in the case of a job interview,where your best impression may get you hired.In real life people always try to be good and pleasant in the first appearance.But with time it may get reversed. I personally had many experiences. People I thought were very mature and well behaved have shattered all their image later on. Even in my case I will be very quite the first time I see a person. It takes some time for me to get into a real conversation and once I am comfortable I may end up being the coolest person you know ;) Many people have said it to me. So a person who make a not so good impression in the beginning can turn out to be a nice person and vice versa.

*Never announce your plans to anyone unless it doesn't effect anyone else other than you - Keep your private life plannings and goals to yourself. Once you reveal you will always be stressed and under pressure to achieve it. Keep calm,work on it and show your result. Also don't talk about your happiness in front of a sad person. 

*Never look down on anyone - Because you will never know who's help you will need later in some point of your life. Its life.It can turn upside down any moment and you never know who will come down to help you or be there with you.  You never know what people are capable of and their strength until an opportunity comes.