Do you dislike the way advertisements have made way into steemit??

I don't really dislike it. I don't dislike it at all, in fact. Which is weird and a surpirse for me. Weird because normally I used to hate ads popping up everywhere on the internet and I'd subconsciously concluded that the less adds there were the better. But I guess I was wrong.

If I'd have to look at it critically I think the main reasons I don't dislike the steemit ads at all are any or all of these three reasons:


Like I said i used to hate ads, but you see recently i had just ventured into the marketing realm and seem just how effective and rational advertising is after all.

Now this change of course might be the reason i don't find ads as irksome and irritating as before. And then again it could be:

2. The Rationality of Steemit Incs Move

The blockchain might not belong to then but the steemit.com front-end does. And the company do need funds, so it's really very logical that they consider advertisement as an option.

I mean what other way is there to make money with a site? Affiliate marketing is not really an option for them so this is pretty logical.

3. Non Intrusiveness

And finally it could be the non-intrusive nature of the ads that makes me not take a dislike to them.

I mean sometimes I even barely notice they're there. And what hurt can they possibly do in that way?

So i guess pretty much all these are some of the reasons i dont dislike the steemit.com ads at all.


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You can block them easily by using Brave Browser:


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