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Life isn't fair, but what would it be like if it were?

We often think about the negative things that happen to us as being unfair, but what about the positive things? Are any or all of those always fair? The answer is most likely no. So, while some people seem to have an inordinate amount of bad fortune, many of us have a more equal sprinkling of what we would call good and bad luck.

If someone drives a car through a redlight without getting caught or suffering any consequences, is that fair? Probably not to someone else who sees them, especially if they've been pulled over for any type of moving violation. They would probably think how unfair it is that they had to pay a fat fine when this other person gets away with it.

In the meantime, the person who ran the light is probably thinking they were pretty fortunate not to get caught, and if they're really thinking, they're also happy that nothing else happened, like an accident. However, do they think it's unfair that they weren't stopped? If they even think about it, they probably dismiss it as okay because they want to get somewhere and not be stuck at a light.

For life to be fair, everyone would have to somehow be punished for every misdeed and maybe even celebrated or compensated for every achievement. How that's supposed to happen, I'm not sure, but I don't know if we would be that much happier.

Fair wouldn't necessarily mean everyone is equal financially, or in luck, or in personal relationship, or in status. If someone worked harder than someone else to obtain their station, fairness would dictate that they be above anyone else, regardless of whether or not someone else thought it was fair. Therein lies the paradox, as I see it.

So, life isn't fair, but it can still be what we make of it. If we're dealt a lousy hand, we don't have to like it, or even accept it. It might be the hardest thing we ever do, but maybe there's a way to better our life anyway. And if that's not possible, maybe we can make it better for our children. What we aren't able to accomplish, maybe they can.

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Life is not fair, to say the least. Fools have food on their tables while the wise go to their beds hungry. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. So, Life isn't fair.


Yes it is if you believe it and perceive it to be! Belief is just a series of repetitional  thought. Who thought you to think and feel? what and who? it is up to us to find ourselves and build ourselves the way we want too. i believe that is fair!