How has internet changed your life?
So it is not impossible if internet technology will change the lifestyle in your home. Just as if you installed Wireless Micro Controller technology in every corner of the garage or an empty place at home, then you will get information about where you will be able to park your vehicle. In fact you may be able to get information about what is inside your refrigerator when connected into the internet or your home power. You may also be able to activate your home lights through your smartphone device.

Not all developments of the times especially the development of internet technology in your daily life can give good side to your life. There are some bad sides of this device.

For example, when you leave home, if the whole house in a single housing can be accessed by the internet, then it is not impossible if your empty home information can be known by the public. And indirectly this will invite criminal acts for some people who plan it.

It would be frightening too if all the devices in your house have chips in them, like refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners and so on. All of these devices can give you more details and even unwanted things can happen here. It may be that your neighbor is casually doing Hack on your stove or refrigerator that gives a harmful effect to the owner of the house. Even today the Wireless Printer features can be used as another neighbor's ignorant medium that is also connected in the same connection. If only a small thing can be a nuisance material annoying, what if the other more vital things get similar features?

The contents of your safe may also be known by the crowd. Because all things can be connected to the internet and change your lifestyle, but that does not mean you have to connect all the things about yourself to the internet.

The truth is that the future is between the two, but it's natural to always be the world of technology that really brings us to a truly connected world.
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I first went online at the age of 12. On a very slow laptop, I loaded a page in a few minutes on a dial-up internet. But I did this every single week to read articles from www.HowStuffWorks.com. It was a sort-of early day Wikipedia. It had an answer for almost every question I had.

So the first way the internet changed my life is when it satisfied my curiosities with ready answers in an efficient manner. I didn't need to comb the library for a book that could potentially hold the answer to my question.

As I got older, I learned how to start a business, build websites and make money online. With this knowledge, I was able to build online and offline businesses that allowed me to quit my job, help my family with their finances and do what I love (writing, drawing, take photographs, spend time with family) most of the time.

In summary: the internet made me more knowledgeable and wealthier both in the material and non-material sense :)
We have come to an age where innovation talks more than people. We live during a time overflowed with cutting edge innovations and changes, for example, Figuring, Mechanical technology, Web, and Cellphones et cetera. It is said that the pace of the change concerning advances are great to the point that one can notice the fourth Modern Upset.

That day isn't so far when IoT will turn into the greatest wellspring of information in this world. It doesn't just encourage the industrialists or producers or the general population related with organizations and other such works:it additionally fills in as a help to individuals sitting in various corners. For instance, assume a homemaker has an energy of knowing diverse things like cooking, sewing, outlining, perusing and so forth., she can without much of a stretch surf net, take after instructional exercise recordings as per her enthusiasm. It has made things simple and smooth for individuals sitting in homes as well.

Learning advancements and their activity assist individuals with automating certain errands, empower makers to configuration better items, improve new administrations, and empower people to settle on better choices. The machines currently are days are being composed such that it appears to comprehend human feelings and necessities. For example, we can take clothes washers, it speaks with its dryer to tell it what sort of clothing to anticipate that and when will dry which let to less utilization of time and vitality. The surveillance cameras assist our homes with being protected and secure with its innovation. This is the place psychological registering systems work which has empowered the sense to comprehend a cheat's touch or be a known one.

Correspondence in various dialects has turned out to be simple. Presently, speaking with individuals being of various locale or nation has turned out to be simple, as there are numerous applications that is prepared in other obscure dialects. Google has propelled a gadget known as Google Home, which is incredibly extraordinary and progressed. It is very much systemized with particulars as though it tunes in to the each summon of individuals and is sufficiently clever to answer all inquiries. The autos are being technologized effectively which appears to have a coordinated discussion with people.

Individuals appear to be excessively needy with every single such innovation. The innovations appear to manage over their lives. With aces there comes cons as well, kids are exceptionally influenced with these creating advances as they give the greater part of their circumstances in playing recreations and surfing web. They are not sufficiently excited and sportive as they were prior. Things have turned out to be simple as we can arrange whatever we need in our homes or any place we are whether it is sustenances, garments, or such.

Subsequently, I would state, yes!! Things have changed and the measurements to take a gander at things have changed as well. Developing innovations let individuals to lead a simple life; we can book our tickets on the web, can check prepare running status, tune in to our most loved music whenever, and watch recordings anyplace. It gives a vent to take after our enthusiasm in spite of heading off to any individual organizations. Innovations have demolished all obstructions between individuals living in one and other nation. Industrialists, Businesspeople build up a simple correspondence with brokers living in various nations. These advances really offer vent to give merchants a chance to put resources into different nations and extend their business.

In this manner, these progressions as for IoT prompt social, social, and mechanical changes. Advances lead individuals to have a more extensive feeling of information to know and comprehend things circumventing us. In this way, I would state it isn't just preparing individuals in their expert fields rather it lets each to know and investigate changes sitting in their homes.
The first time I used internet was with a Nokia java phone. Speed was 16KB and I was using only some websites to download "pirated" music or funny videos. I didn't knew then how piracy worked. Didn't know how to avoid it. Its been more than 10 years. The internet we have now is far more sophisticated.

Internet has impacted the most is how I learn things. Then I had to read books after books to find relevant materials. But now I can get that with some little monthly subscription fee. Another part it has impacted is communication. Before using the Internet as a communication method I used to text people and had to pay a overpriced tag. And now facebook or other social media apps has made that so easy.. Now I can use Internet to answer peoples "questions" on musing instantly no matter how far they are from me.. I think that's sufficient to prove how internet has changed my life.
Internet has really being a life changer for me and also very benefical to me,without internet honestly i do not know where i will be by now,most

skills i have right now was learnt from what i read on the internet,the business which gives me

steady income was also a business i learnt from the internet,i also make money from the internet

business as a whole which even makes it more interesting for me so that is why i love the internet

so much because the internet really changed my life positively
The Internet of Things (IOT) has the power to change our world. And when we begin to see the tremendous impact, we still have many trips beginning in transformation. Here we look more deeply at the current state of IOT standardization, along with many people's opinions on the standardization of IoT.

Soon any device you have - and almost every object you can imagine - will connect to the Internet. Whether it's by phone, wearable technology or everyday household objects, the Internet of Things (IOT) will connect us in ways we can not even imagine before.

Thermostats, alarm systems, smoke detectors, bells and refrigerators may be "connected". Better management of energy, water, transportation and security brings people closer to their environment, and makes their city a sustainable and integrated city. Last but not least, we see a dramatic increase in activity and innovation across sectors, where the potential of a physical cyber system to increase productivity in the production process is vast.

As you can imagine, living within a decade will look materially different from how we see in 2016 as a first step towards rapid technological change. In some ways, the IOT still feels like an empty tech jargon. It is difficult to unify all the differences.

These days internet has really become the world means that of communication in our daily lives. From study to diversion all upto on net.

Some folks treat it to seek out some smart stuffs and to understand the data relating to their various subjects however some also are UN agency do simply opposite of it.

From younger ones to elder ones all area unit revited to net .

Effecting the lives in positive way:

Makes the person initiate and provides platform to become social with others via facebook ,whatsapp etc.

Allows folks to try to to business digitally as Bharat goes through conversion.

You can learn something from net .

Coming on its negative impact on human lives:

Too much usage of net with none means that is completely intrusive of your time .

Abandonment of family can occur jointly of the negative impacts.

Makes the person not enough physically active as person needs to try to to all things on-line.

Watching the orthogonal things before one’s maturity .(you apprehend what i mean to mention ).

Cyber bullying and plenty of a lot of.

Internrt changed my life better.the Internet makes all information flows more quickly and accurately, here we bersosialisi, communicate, and even we can find out what is happening in the country far nun there.

The Internet can moor a distant, even today the internet hire me without having to get out of the House. An awful lot of ease that are offered on the internet.
with the internet all seemed without limits, in fact we should take heart with the internet sometimes can have an impact on the position for ourselves, we can learn, laughing at other people's blog post, vent, cry by email on facebook us, even we can angry on twitter us, but the internet is not used for that only he could use for information education, economy, culture, etc., many once fortunately but also a lot of harm, to not lose my list.

This development can we make as good as good as not doing stupid things, things we have to think further how we can harness it for our self advancement, society and our nation
The internet technology that has been present in our lives indirectly helped all our activities, every day we are almost inseparable from internet technology and with smartphones is obviously very helpful to change our lives in various fields ranging from business and other technologies. Internet technology is growing not only help people exchange ideas but also greatly help us in various useful information.
I start using internet about 18 to 20 years back. When internet was newly launched in my country. I remember at that time we have to use dialup internet connection with very slow speed.
Internet has made a great progress in these years form dialup network to high speed wireless network. Now we has access to internet almost all our world.
Internet has changed our lives completely. We are very much dependent on the internet now a days and it has changed our way of life.
With the help of internet we get socialized with the people all the globe.
We have flourished our businesses through it.
We have access to the knowledge.
Where internet has many advantage there are few drawback also
By excessive use of internet our children are becoming addictive and physically less active.
We are connected socially with globe but we are not aware of our neighbors.
There are chances that our children get involved in bad company if not kept an eye on them.
In conclusion I can say that despite of some concerns about internet it has facilitated our lives in great aspects.
Who is not familiar with internet technology today. Internet technology that has been present in the midst of our lives has indirectly helped all our activities. Can be said, almost every day we can not be separated from this internet technology, especially with the presence of a smartphone that allows us to access the internet in Mobile. With the presence of smartphones, we will be able to easily check incoming emails, see what's happening in social networking accounts, even looking for a way in a strange place, all we do with the internet. Indirectly, internet technology has become the culture of modern society today.

Internet technology can be said to have connected millions of Mobile devices from around the world and also share data with other devices without our knowledge and permission. Everything nowadays has been connected to the internet, from rubber bands to sports, bahak to the fridge now you can connect with your smartphone device connected to the internet. The development of Internet technology is currently growing, not only used to help people exchange data and communicate with each other. To find out how the development of internet technology today that can change our lifestyle in the next few years,
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Internet is a blessing to mankind,that is how
I do say it and i said so because internet has
Helped my life alot and there are also many
Other people too that had their lives changed
Through the internet and i am talking about positive changes and not negative changes

With the right knowledge someone can make
So much money on the internet and build a career around it,the internet is filled with some
Educative tools that we can use to add to our
Knowledge and become a more skillful person

Internet has also helped my relationship
Offline because it has made me to acquire
More knowledge about how relationships ought to be treated,there are some internet forums where you meet people full of experience that will educate you on better ways to make your relationship better
nice question dear i think internet has change a lot of things in everyone life and it has bring a new technology to connect the world in one place. I was first not using this technology but after going to some deep knowledge i found this technology is very helpful in life and we have to adopt internet.
Today's world without internet anyone cannot leave his life it is the daily need of person and today as internet has become a useful resource there are many side effects also happen in my personal life as of EYE problem and some hand problem happens because of this addiction.
internet is not only changed my life but also all people. internet is gate way of human knowledge. you can learn anything from internet. and you can do lots of work by using internet. internet is growing day by day.
there was a time when i don't have any option for money earning from home, but now i can earn money from home by doing online job. online money earning opportunity is changed my life, now i have lots of option for income sources by using internet.
Web had turned into an additional piece of my body, by the focuses said beneath you can see as well!

Effect of web on my investigation


I need to purchase various books which expanded my cost of acquiring.

There are number of books accessible in the web for nothing, however some of them are for taken a toll.

Effect of web on my mindfulness


Today I will know the news of yesterday's with the assistance of daily paper.

On the off chance that any occasion happened anyplace on the planet, the following minute I will get the warning.

Effect of web on my shopping


I can't go out for shopping on Sundays and occasions and at consistently evenings


I can purchase anything anytime of the day not multi day, night, nor an occasion.

Effect if web on my way of life

I can know the basic life hacks,yoga,gym, and wellbeing tips from the accomplished individuals we know.

A huge number of master individuals' proposals everywhere throughout the are assembled in the web and I can look for the substance I required.

the internet is very changing my life
ranging from not being able to read, write, hear and work. The change I get is very significant.
From year to year I learned various kinds through any site. Thanks to the internet everyone can access what they want.

And now I feel satisfied with the internet, I can menggungah anything, can watch anything from fb, twitter, steemi, youtube and others.
I think this answer will be obsolete very soon, at least in all the of developed countries and some more modern developing countries. Because soon we would not recognize a world without the internet.

Picture this:

1. I am now considered anti-social for spending less time on social media to socialize and not posting pictures of everything i do on them. People now call me "anti-social" now not because I dont go out often, but because i didnt "proved" that i did.

2. Every passing day made me more firm in my stance that physical classroom education is outdated, inefficient, politically-biased, wasteful, inhumane, and valueless to society. All because the internet has shown me a better alternative. 90% of the useful things i learned are from my researches on the internet and not a classroom.

3. I have friends in Russia that I constantly keep in touch with.. This was never practically possible with mails or telephones

4. People may not realize or admit this themselves , but i truly see that the term "cyborg" is applicable to me now.. I can't do anything without being near a device to either communicate or research, which in my line is as valuable as work itself. I can't talk to my client unless there's internet. The whole foundation of how i feed myself is via the internet...

This are but one of many ways the internet has changed my life.. And I can't see myself ever doing backwards.
From that little knowledge, in 2007, I started sharing my knowledge with others. Often a tutor whenever there is training, especially in introducing the internet and the services that are in it.

A little funny, but interesting, I have experience when I ask the trainees: what do you know about the internet? They replied: "the internet is e-mail". This shows that the understanding of the internet in the area I live (Palangka Raya) is very minimal. In fact, internet users in government offices at that time can be counted on the fingers. Likewise, education personnel such as teachers and lecturers, very few are familiar with the goods whose name is the internet.

This is still understandable. At that time I call the transition period. Call it a lot of educators and also officials who used to only learn to use the "typewriter" model of the wheelbarrow, hahahaha. Therefore, I am not surprised if they are still confused when talking about the internet.
The Internet is the sole reason for my earnings. I am a freelancer and I have a huge maket to offer services while sitting in my bedroom. Isn't this amazing, for me this is more than a miracle, Alhumdulillah.
The existence of internet many things that happen in my life. The internet has made it easy for me to access various knowledge. I can read things I love. Therefore, my knowledge is growing.

The Internet has made me a lot of friends and networks. I easily communicate and get acquainted with anyone, for example FB, Twitter and others. Now I am so many friends and connections.

The internet has changed my life from lazy people writing to writing, like making slpostingan on Facebook and steemit.