What is the first thing you say to a girl you have a crush on ?
A lot of guys as always get tongue tied when speaking or trying to woo their crush... So what do you think is the first thing to say to your crush to keep the conversation rolling?

Actually I don't have a specific word I utter to a crush as regarding to always being the first. Usually I start a conversation with them from either what I see them doing, what is around them or something I probably heard her say. I don't do the pick up line, girls are already familiar with that, they may even be the one to help you complete it when you start ,so a pick up line is a no go area for me.

Imagine I see her alone standing and probably checking on her wrist watch , I may approach her with the statement "seems someone is late with her flight, I can offer you mine for free" , what she replies become the word I use to build on my next word. Or imagine I see a girl sitting all alone in an eatery, I can approach her with the statement "hope you wouldn't mind that I join you, I hate sitting alone with three empty chairs looking at me" , again her response determine what I say next.

There are other situation I just say a simple "hello, my name is ...., I do like to become friend with you" , then imagine she replies "I don't know you, and possibly can't make a friend with you" , I can go ahead to say "but I just introduced myself as ......., It's enough details to boost that you know me around friend" . So the first thing one say to a crush is not really a programmed language but usually uses advantage of what is happening around to strike a conservation.


Firstly, you need to understand the kind of person she is. There are some ladies who are very strict with some kind of conversations, some prefer you go straight to the point, some may want to converse with you due to your funny nature and many other different reasons like that. Just like we guys differ in nature, the same also applies to ladies. You just have to understand the type of person she is before you can start conversing with her.

Before going directly to your question, it will be a great advantage if the guy is very confident. Even though you may not be confident, you are free to fake it and make it 😊. Some ladies don't really like guys who don't believe in themselves or who lacks confidence. If you are confident and well cultured with cool conversations there is high chance you gain the heart of your crush. If you are also a shy guy like me, don't worry you are not alone 😊.

Let me answer your question without wasting much time 😊.

The first thing to do is to greet her with a lovely smile on your face. Greeting is very important before conversing with anyone most especially ladies as this makes them feel respected. After greeting her, start the conversation with style making her feel flattered by commending her on some physical features and character she possess with lovely smile on your face. After that you will have to tell her that..........

I am sorry I won't tell you the rest because I have already Β provided the answer to your question πŸ˜€. You asked about "what should be said firstly to your crush and I answered you with Β greeting her with lovely smile on your face" 😊. If you had asked about how to woo your crush, I would have proceeded but you only said you needed to know the first thing to be said if you come across your crush 😊.

In conclusion, the first thing for you to do if your come across your crush is is to greet her with a lovely smile in your face😊.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Most shy guys panic when it comes to approaching a girl for the first time and that's because they usually try to build around saying the perfect words and the perfect line and can go as far as trying pick up line which is now obsolete. At first I started this way until I realized pick up lines doesn't work instead it puts one in a state of tension trying to make the first impression memorably, no trying to make the first line of statement perfect then messing up at the middle of the conversation , that's because one was trying to hold up to what we call the "first word you say matters"

Actually the first word you say to a crush matter less, because one can start a conversation from anything around or just a simple "hello or hi" then proceed to "hope you still have space for new friends" sometime they can jokingly or seriously say "No" , one can pick it up with a funny line like "how come my mind tells me you can still add one to the number" .

Talking with a crush focus on confidence with words, hilarious response and making her feels you mean no harm. When they notice this attribute, they can freely give one a listening ear. Where most people get it wrong is professing love to someone you just had a crush on, it gets really hard trying to gain their trust because just few believe in the theory of "love at first sight" as long as the first approach is friendly and simple with no much formality, then it success to make a new friend is guarantee.

So I don't seek for what to say first to someone I just had a crush on, I just use the moment and strike a conversation mostly in a friendly way and if one makes the first impression great,then the future is guarantee for a good result.


Well, I'm a girl and so i don't want to be bias but I'm sure my fellow girls would agree with me. If you happen to have a crush on any girl, please remember its just one life and you should not throw everything into the first statement you make to someone you like. It should be cool, relatable or even funny. Girls love funny guys.

You should take note of what's going on around her and think of that first line without putting so much into it. I don't know how you'll do that but, well, you have to. Maybe, a simple "hello, how are you doing" with a smile on your face and not all in her space. A safe distance to shake her hand.

Its really nothing to difficult but a statement that would intrigue her and make her just a little bit interested just before you go in for the kill by asking her to have a drink or something with you.


Being honest with yourself is the main thing, talk to yourself about what you feel for that person and you may notice that you feel more than you think.

When you are sure of what you feel, you should be direct with that person, say how you have felt with that person, what that person makes you think and how much you love them.

Do not expect the another person to correspond with your feelings, just express them in a good way and even if he or she says something like "I only see you as a friend", you are still the same person with the person you fell in love with.

Maybe today he or she said no, but tomorrow he or she may tell you that she or he feels the same for you now.

But remember that if you spend too much time, it's better to let go and find someone else, good luck.


I'm a type of silent guy. For me acting cold is a must even for someone that I have crush on. But still somehow, I got myself feeling awkward around to this girl. Like even when I don't want to smile, I can't hold myself to having a little smile while I speak to her. In fact we just talk about something common, but for me it's enough to make me having a cold sweat hehe.

But there's no specific way to keep the conversation on. Try not to do it overly excited trust me, it's gonna ended un-well. Otherwise try to get more casual, ask her what her doing, try to know more about her, what's she like, and what didn't, and try to give your attention at the right time, but not always, becasue it's gonna make her know that you having a crush on her.

Just try to make a friend first, give her a sign that you are care for her, and when the time is right and you know you have a chance, then it's gonna be shame not to try your shot . . . .


Smiles.... Its simple.. If it happens that you and your crush have not really spoken before, you could firstly start by summoning courage and walk up to her and say hello beautiful, it's a been a while I just thought I should say hello..

That will firstly capture her attention and make her know that you are serious about her.. Because ladies always know guys that have a crush on them.. After that you could proceed

By completing her by telling her that her eyes her so expressive and beautiful or that should looks good on that cloth that she is on or the make up makes her look more prettier..

After that, she will feel more comfortable with you, then you guys can start up exchanging greetings. If the guy wanna take things forward, you could invite her over to your place by saying you, I am having pizza or some Mexican meal, do you care to join. If she agrees to join that cool.. Then you could pour your heart down to her when you guys are both Alone or together.

Thanks for reading