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What does love means to you ?

Love is an emotion, a very pleasant chemical reaction built up from years of interaction and memorisation of someone's presence. It's a beautiful addition to our evolutionary code. It gives us a reason to exist, to keep going.


Love is having a myriad of meanings that cannot be expressed in words, but can be felt strongly and very meaningfully. Love cannot be expressed with material or the most beautiful flowers, love is only in the heart and action. Be thankful if we have true love, don't regret if that love leaves us, therefore love him sincerely and as best as we can.

For the sake of our love Will be willing to sacrifice, many ways to express love and love even many who are willing to sacrifice anything to get true love.

A pair of shoes, true love is like a pair of shoes even though they are physically separated, they cannot be used if one of them is missing or missing.

Love the weaknesses and weaknesses of Him, Weaknesses and weaknesses become a spice to strengthen love, not the other way around.

Understanding what cannot be said, two pairs of lovebirds will live together in joy or sorrow. Although not saying it, the couple knows what he feels and wants is a sign of true love.

Inner bonding, love between two true partners does have a very high inner bond. Sometimes you can even feel what your partner feels both joy and sorrow.


 Love is a very phenomenal word that is not only in terms of taste, but includes all aspects of life. Lots of even almost everyone glorifies the name of love and may be among your friends or even yourself is one of the culprit.

Even in fact there are those who are willing to die just because of love. Certainly like a dramatic love story between Romeo and Juliet. Even some time ago there were a number of events reported on social media that there were people who committed suicide just because they were abandoned by their lovers. Right?

Most people say that love cannot be explained in words. However, it can only be felt. But in reality, why are there still many people looking for theories about love? In addition, why are there still many people who want to learn about how to express love.

Has it ever crossed your heart a question "Is this what is called love?" Hahaha must have been yes.

The presence of a love or which is often referred to as the "Pink Virus", often makes a person's heart upset. Distract between happy and happy, so that the heart is like a flower and makes the lips smile often. Some even feel confused. Even you yourself may have felt sad or disappointed, when the "Pink Virus" could not be revealed about what his heart was feeling. Moreover, if it has been declared the same but it is rejected.


Love means everything to me, love is what makes you see everything where there is nothing, the greatest of all feelings, so simple yet so hard to explain, it can only be understand by the heart who felt it


Love is a positive feeling and is given to humans. Everybody feels like love, words of love are also influenced by the development of time and time. Words always change meaning according to response, understanding, position and generation. Love is a feeling given by God to a pair of people to love each other. Love cannot be forced at all, love can only work when both parties are sincere. They are selfish because in relationships, couples will want more attention.

Love gives love instead of chains. love also cannot be forced and sometimes not intentionally. It's beautiful, which sometimes lasts longer in life. The love we live feels more beautiful,

someone against the opposite sex because of an interest in something that is owned by the opposite sex nature, face and others. Understanding and understanding each other to be able to continue the relationship, must cover each other's shortcomings and want to accept their partners as they are. Sharing joy and sorrow with a partner.

Sacred love that arises without coercion or something made, I can make that person motivated to make changes better than before.

he knows that love. That holy love with selfishness, our hypocrisy that is made from ourselves.


Understanding of Love is very difficult to explain even more to be revealed. Because love is hard to reach with sentences and looks blurry when touched with words. Ibn Qayyim Al Jauziyah in his book Madarijus Salikin, the notion of love cannot be clearly defined and also cannot produce anything.

The more Clarified, the more blurred and unclear. So the meaning of love is love itself. Love Is a practice that is located in the heart (heart) then manifested by lahiriyyah practice. If the love that we have written in our hearts and minds and that is according to what is accepted by Allah then know that it is worship. But on the contrary, if he is not in accordance with his pleasure, that love will plunge us into the valley of disobedience.

Love Is a feeling given by God to a pair of people to love, have one another, fulfill each other, mutual understanding, Love is giving love instead chain. Love also cannot be forced and sometimes it comes unintentionally.

Love It is a person's feeling towards the opposite sex because of an interest in something that is owned by the opposite sex. But It takes understanding and understanding to be able to continue the relationship, must cover each other's deficiencies and want to accept their partners as they are, without coercion by one of the parties. Share your likes and share your sadness together.

Love It is imagination without meaning, when they are happy together. Even just talking normally, can make the ice cold heart become as warm as the sun's flowers.


as for me i believe love itself is life,love was the major purpose why we were created on earth,we were all created to love each other and appreciate love,infact the bible made us understand that GOD is love and he loved us so much that he gave us jesus christ to save us,i believe love is an unconditonal feelings that you naturally have for someone which makes you to care about them and their emotions,love is when someone being in your life makes you happy