How easy do you forgive ?

I forgive as easy as the word "easy" itself.

Growing up, I used to be very angry. You cannot offend me and go scot free, even if it's by mistake. If you mistakenly step on me, even though you say sorry, I'd retaliate and tell you sorry too. Just so you could feel the pains I feel.

I always believed in giving back to you in your own coin, just so you know how exactly it feels.

But then, one day, God started dealing with me and I had to submit myself and asked God to change me completely.

And ever since then, when someone hurts me, I get hurt, but then I say, "if I was in his/her position, I'd probably have done the same". Sometimes, I even think up excuses for them so I could easily forgive them and so far, it has worked.

A friend of mine recently offended me and I said, " I forgive you ", he looked at me and said, " Wow, you act just like JESUS".

So, I forgive very easily.


Forgiving in itself is not an easy because every human in a natural seeks to defend his ego, identity, personality whether expressively or not. Because of this, there are tendencies for people to remember they hurt and humiliation or any other negative treatment or feeling they got from their purported rival.

However, forgiveness entails the state at which an inflicted individual refuses to revenge, rather, accepts the hurt and pain of the action meted on him, endures it and is ready to get along with the person. This can only be possible where the forgiver takes on the mind of Christ and is ready to let go.

It was b=hard for me to forgive easily before now, however, God touched my life and daily gives me the grace to forbear people around me.

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I believe that forgiveness is like a superpower that some humans actually have...

Alright listen,Have you ever imagined how many times you actually blamed God within a month for whatever your life is or whatever that is happening in your life??. have you ever really note down the actual ratio at which every single human being do blame God for like almost every thing happening in their lives??! But well the true fact is that there is no actual human being that God has actually given the complete sorrows, or difficulties, or hardships and also failure! We do also achieve some good things,we do also achieve success,happiness and also great achievements too at some point of our lives. We blamed GOd, at times we even curse him too but guess what??he still forgives us... It is we humans that are not actually self satisfied with things!

so well Now as we are all humans, I totally do agree that we do hurt each other,which is truly again one of the most common human nature. Some may actually hurt us in a small portion and also some may actually hurt us in a great portion But in reality,if you really ensure to to go and analyze that person personally, you would realize that no one is actually born with a complete evil qualities and also complete good qualities... There is actually no perfect human being which exists on earth.

So always learn and try to forgive that individual that offended or hurt you and maybe in some certain situations you can sometimes try to actually think from his or her perspective, ask yourself why did they actually hurt you? just go ahead and ensure you forgive them at some certain point of your life..though it is not easy but you can do it....

you should also ensure that you do not feel inferior to actually say a “Sorry" if you realize that it was your mistake too while you were thinking from their perspective....

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I really don't have space in my heart to store grudges. So if someone offends me, I could scream at the persons or really frowned at the person , but deep down my heart, I had forgiven the person.

Sometimes I dont really remember what the person did to me,if i see the person,that's because I forgave the person the moment wasn't upset anymore .

To forgive is divine.



I forgive easily if the person who hurt me realizes his or Her mistakes. Sometimes I forgive someone without the person knowing.

Life is too short to waste on malice, bearing grudges and even hate. I know hating on another person will not add a dollar to my bank account so what's the point?

I am not the most perfect human on earth but I try hard to forgive easily because we do go against the will of God on several occasions but once we admit that we have sinned against God and we ask for forgiveness from him, he always forgives us then who are we to not want to forgive our neighbors when they hurt us.

I forgive easily because I know there is a heavenly reward for it.

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I as a person forgives easily. I mostly think it is a weakness for me. Because even if I wanted to, I am always unable to OK teglvenge wrong done to me. I tend to wash it away with time. Forgiveness if a great way to keep up a cheerful countenance and it helps you smile more.

I however mentioned that I see my own easy forgiveness as a weakness at times because people tend to take advantage of it. Some continue to intentionally get on your nerves just because they know you will forgive easily. That's just unfair.


This is hardly a language I understand.


Well, in my point of view If God forgives humanity for their sins or wrong fail then we should also forgive someone If they hurt you or do anything wrong with you. So, forgiveness is part of every human life. So what you think? I personaly hard for me to forgive that person that makes me hurt. Well If I think deeply then I understood why he/she actually do this. Then I hardly forgive that person but I think we should do this.

 Forgiveness is just like a superpower that is very common among peoples, that some human does in their entire life. This is a very common thing that every person get hurt each other due to anything. So, in that case, we should all of us forgive someone If they do anything wrong to you. If anyone hurt you then you should think why he/she hurt you. Then you'll realize what the situation is actually. 

Every person makes mistakes, not every person is perfectly all right. Every human does the wrong thing in their life. So we should pray to God for forgiveness or that human who hurt with your wrong fail.  


Since we are all human, it's not an easy thing to forgive, most especially if the sin committed is from someone close to you. Such weakens the level of trust and even affects your level at which you deals with other people.

I forgive easily but when it's case of betrayal, it takes me longer time to forget.


I don't know how I got this attribute all I know is "I have master to forgive almost immediately no matter how badly I was hurt" and I get angry so easily even in small matters, this keeps a balance I think.

I forgive immediately I get angry-i get angry almost in little matters.

So to sum it all, I don't know how to hate, most times my friends ask me why I don't get angry. I tell them I do but I forgive or forebear and let go immediately because I have come to understand how to love and that anger gives me nothing instead it takes everything away from me and destroy what I build in years.


It comes easier only when the offender realize his mistake and ask for forgiveness ,if not it could last for some period of time though I wouldn't do anything to hurt the person. I do just stay clear of him or seize talking to him for a period of time.

But if the person is a friend or love one, I usually doesn't allow such grudges to last more than 24 hours before settling our disagreement.