Do you plan to get married someday ?

As a matter of fact yes. While some of the things that I do consider to do before getting to a serious and life long relation. (Considering the present situations that is happening don't know it will be life long). Besides I don't want to jeopardize the entire relation over some things. 

  • Financial Stability 

Well truth to be told a stable income is indeed needed for a family to run and it does gives relief to many situations in our life. It is something which gives security to life as well and by making a stable income should give the basic needs supported in our life (Family)

  • To get someone in your life to able to share feelings with (Both sides)

While at some point in our life we do need someone close to us so that at the time of need or in any situation who will be with your side at all times. Gives the meaning of life much more and allows to feel special in many ways. 

Besides there is a saying in my country "Whoever eats the Laddo(a type of food) of wedding suffers and  who does not he suffers as well " !! 


Yea, I plan to get married someday.. But I'm not as excited as I used to be about it when I was growing up. Back in Nigeria, people see marriages as an achievement and the pressure is high on women. But being an adult has enabled me to see that there is more to life than just marriage..

So I'll love to get married someday after I have achieved some of the things that I want to, found my own happiness and  have a level of financial stability..

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I would love to get married, but in a perfect world.

I am a pessimist and it often seems as if we always look at the bad things that an happen. But in fact we to this to protect ourselves.

Many marriages are failing now and it feels sometimes as if the business is in divorce. People are making so much money from marriage all the way too the divorce. It is a massive money making scheme. 

What is worse is that the TV is promoting it every minute of everyday. There are at least a dozen channels showing some type of wedding.

All the processes are extravagant and expensive. The dress, cake, jewelry and flowers. 

I recently heard a comedian joking about marriages and he compared them to marriages of old. Where the fathers married of their daughters in exchange for favors, alliances and sometimes good. The two families come together from around the world and act out a banquet. And act like royalty for one night.

It is a shame that it has become this shallow affair. Marriage was supposed to be a beautiful agreement between two people in front of their piers. 

I believe their is an agenda to destroy the nuclear family, because successful family values have build the most successful and equal societies across the world. 

Many men in are joining movements rejecting relationships with women. And that is a shame, because true happiness is hard for some without a partner.

Men are sick of the fact that they can lose their children, because the courts are extremely biased against men. They also risk loosing half their net worth if they agreed to a prenuptial agreement. Most women won't marry you if you do not sign it. What message is this sending to the man. And all men don't want to cheat you.

I have heard some men claim modern marriage is a socialist idea to redistribute wealth from men to woman.

This is not an attack on woman. But instead on the institutions of marriage set up by the governments. Because this current situation is not working. I know in the western world divorce rates are at least 50% if not more already. 

People are more adulterous than ever in history. And people are having less children than ever. 

The number one indicator for poverty is a broken up family and an absent father.

We need a real solution for a massive problem that might just destroy society in the long run.


I actually don't know whether I'd get married in the future or not. I don't have a definite plan for it, but who knows? I might meet someone who will make me eager to do it.

As of the moment, being in a relationship isn't my top priority. However, I'm not closing  my doors for it. Whether it comes or not, it doesn't really  matter for me. If it does, I'd try to enjoy the feeling as much as I can. If it doesn't, then I'll enjoy my freedom!

Some people are afraid to have a commitment. Some people still want to reach their goals in life. I'm the latter, but I wouldn't stop myself from falling in love when the time comes.

Isn't falling in love a great thing? Well, getting married is slightly different though. You'll get to be more responsible because it's no longer just you and your partner... It's more of you, your partner and the responsibility you have in molding your future together and your future family.

Ahh~ it's really difficult. For now, I must say... Not yet, but I'm not closing the possibility.

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As a matter of a fact, I am getting married in less than 44 hours.

If you're in Copenhagen, Denmark, you can gimme flowers, lottery ticket, or money.

Ceremony at 11:30 AM, Frederiksberg Town Hall. 

Just saying.

I'm not doxxing myself or anything, I'm flying to Denmark from another country.

Anyway, yeah. 

People get married.

I'm one of those suckers. 

Do you?


Hmmmm, this questions sounds quite funny to me. At first i would want to rush into the answer, a big YES feeling everyone will want to get married but i remember meeting a lady telling me getting married is not one of the things she's not excited about, the thought of having to go through marriage and live with someone for the rest of her life pisses her off.

Well on the contrary, getting married someday is a big yes for me, I value companionship, I want to love and be loved. Knowing there's is someone meant for me.


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I already am ;) 


Opps, already have 2 cute kids :)


Yes I plan to get married to a man that loves me . I want to be with someone that will love me for who I am and accept my flaws. I want to have a family that I can call my own.  Getting married is not that easy but before getting married. I need to have my own house my own car and of course savings. Anyway, I want to get married 5 years from now or even 10 years from now. Who knows?


Yes I plan to get married. I love marriage and I love being married .


Well yes I do have plans but I'm not thinking about that much now because I don't have a partner now and I'm happy being single.

But a person needs a companion. And getting into marriage means having a lifetime companion that will be with you for the rest of your life. Hopefully someday I could find one.


Yeah! I plan to get married someday. Every single lady plans to get married someday,except those who don't want to,because I know there are ladies who are prepared to die as virgins so as to make a first list in heaven I guess.

Even when I plan to get married someday, that doesn't mean am desperate for it, I don't see marriage as an achievement, I see it as an opportunity, and I'll take a full advantage of it when it comes.

I mentioned that marriage is not an achievement ; this is because, a lady can survive without it, a single lady can thrive with or without it. Cheers!