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Apart from cryptocurrency what other legit means do you know/think one can use to make money online ?

There are quite a few ways to make money apart from the world of cryptocurrency. As a matter of fact the advancement of technology has sure made a significant amount of change in our life and that impact has been magnificent for may people all across the globe. 

One of the main reason is people rushing towards the online world is because the freedom of being the own boss of thyself. While I do believe that most of the people who works a day job they do not really like the work they do. They are doing it just because they have to do it. While online jobs/work can really make them feel their own boss and I am glad that I am trying to do that all along for the past couple of months. (Both in crypto and other online platforms)

While there are various ways to make some money from online activities besides I have seen that making some money is quite easy in Steem Blockchain compared to other mainstream sites. While some of the ways that you can try are as follows

  • Freelancing :

This is one of the best way that a person can make a place for himself/herself very easily if they do know the work they are finding or they are expert at. It could be Web design/Graphics/Translation/Email marketing and many more. While freelancing has created many lives and have been improving many people and allowing them to grow in their life. Sites like Upwork/Freelancer/Fiver they are attracting a lot of attention in the freelancer communities and they are trusted site and their are varieties of options(WORKS) to choose from there. So you might get on and try it out. While the competition is increasing everyday and it will get harder everyday as we speak.

  • Blogging

Well this is something which requires some time and efficiency as standing a blog is quite difficult but it depends on the niche and the niche that you are good at and if the advertisement is made in large scale than there is quite a lump sum of income from their.  Such as Traffic income/Add revenue/Click revenue i.e Google adsense approval could really change the way of blogging for users. Hence a monthly income could be generated from there as well.

  • Youtube 

Well we all know something about this video sharing platform. While creating videos and uploading them in youtube and than getting money in exchange for views and advertisements Google has really made many people rely on it and many users are living from that income as well.  yeah truth to be told getting to that income requires some time and effort and if a user can give that amount of dedication as effort than Youtube could be the savior for that person.

While as far as I am concerned this are the few legit ways to make a passive and long time income from them and by saying so there are other sites as well and so I am not really going to suggest as I have not tried those. 

While after going through countless scam sites I really do not want to refer to anybody about other sites but the top ones. 

Hope it helps !!


In online we can say many sites are also good and legit.But for one professional worker I will suggest fiver,upwork. But for this you need to learn also many things.for work there.Also you need to be hard worker for work also there. Youu need to learn many things.They have many option.Also we can see many thers option also some sites also buy ones photos from.good photographer.If you are good photographer you can use this also.In online have so many facilities just need to find out also need to first build your skill..Thanks..


There are other legit means to make good money online other than crypto . There are so many freelancing sites where you can sell your skills for some dollars. Some examples of such sites are fiverr, upwork, freelancers.com, etc.

You can also sell companies products on your sites or using your social media accounts and earn commissions from the companies in what is known as affiliate marketing. You share company's products links on your site and social media accounts and when people click on such links to purchase such products, you get paid commissions because the sales can be traced to you since the links you share is unique to only you. Examples of sites offering such are amazon, etc

You can also selfpublish you books or ideas and sell on Amazon and its likes. There are so many things you can do online to earn money. Just research on the one you have interests in and you'll find legit sites offering such.


I believe that another good way a person can make money online is through freelancing,

Fiverr.com,freelancer.com are examples of websites where freelancers can earn money while helping me to do jobs or carry out projects,for example a writer can make money participating in writing Gigs on

the website that I mentioned,on these websites,some writers earn up to 30$ per hour in some writing jobs available on those platforms...