What's the first thing you do when you wake up in a morning ?

Grin Yes ! you have to grin in the wake of awakening which loosens up your face muscles .

● Drink Water as your body gets dried out when your resting so,you need to supply water to your body when you wake up.

● Avoid Phone you have to stay away from your telephone (like checking FB, mails,Insta and so on)

● Read News paper YES I am discussing 'news paper' not about 'News paper in Apps'.

● Have a Jog yea ! It courses blood and do some extending too.

● Complete your customs planning of sustenance and so on

● Have an incredible breakfast Never skirt your morning meal it is the fundamental fuel for your body for whole day .


My new favorite way to start the day with a self-massage. I'm not sure you have time for this in the morning, but it is definitely a luxurious way to start the day! 

This daily morning self-massage is part of Ayurvedic daily routine and seems simple enough to do. All you need is a sink full of warm water, a bottle of massage oil, and an old towel to stand on. Start at your scalp and move down, massaging your face, ears, throat, neck, and then onto your limbs. Afterward, step into a warm shower and enjoy the heat, washing only what you need to with soap so that the oil sits on your skin. 

The massage will protect and nourish your skin and will also help release toxins that accumulate in the tissues.


as a devoted christian and a redeem church of Christ member. every morning i wake up, i start my day by singing praises to the most high God, followed by worship song. i just have to sing and dance to glorify the name of the almighty God who kept me alive to see this brand new day. after singing i read a gospel book called 'open heavens ' after that, i pray to the Almighty God and places my today activities into his able hands. the truth is without God we are nothing. so starting your day by putting it in the hands of the Almighty God is a smart choice and a great one at that. then every other things followed, like brushing of teething, bathing, cooking, wearing of cloths and eating before heading of the door. 

so the first thing i do every morning i wake up is to  sing praises to the almighty GOD


As being a Muslim, It is our duty to wake up early in the morning and offer a prayer of Fajar nimaz, first of all, we make us clean with and then we will go to masjid for prayer after this we recite out Holy Quran and I feel very comfortable when I follow this routine and after reciting I will prepare for my school Because I am young one so I go to school at morning shift, I am in the field of secondary education and I am also a biology student. 


As a Christian, I read the Bible and meditate on the scriptures I've read and return all glory to Jehovah for life.

Get up from the bed and straight to the bathroom to clean up my mouth that's harboring different colonies of bacilli.

Tidy the room and straight back to the bathroom for a cool shower. After which I schedule myself for the day.


The first thing that I do when I wake up is to pray to God. I always thank God that I have another day to live and enjoy . We don't really know what tomorrow brings but we should thank God for it . :)