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What are the ways one can prevent skin cancer ?

Don’t roll around playing in carcinogenic substances. :-p



Wear clothes that cover sensitive or most part of the skin

Know the right cream for your skin type

Don't get sunburned

Avoid tanning and never use UV tanning beds.


I was in San Mateo, California with my family a few years back. I was on a work trip, and my wife and son were on vacation for the trip. It was fun because we ate at many different places for dinner. Dinner was the only real time we had together due to my hectic work schedule.

I remember one night vividly, but I don't know the name of the place we eat dinner. The meal was , and I needed to use the restroom. I had the oddest conversation in the restroom. Yes, I did say the restroom.

There was an older man at the urinal, and he was finishing up as I enter the restroom. He went to the sink, and I didn't pay much attention.

I went to the urinal and finished up and went to wash my hands. I noticed the man was still standing next to the door. Being the extrovert I am, I said hi.

He talked to me for about five minutes. He told me he lived in China and he was visiting his daughter. He spoke of his time in the military. Eventually, we ended up discussing hats and how he didn't always wear his hats when he should have.

He asked me about my son. I was impressed; he was very observant. He asked me about my bald head. He asked me if I wore hats on sunny days. I told him no. He asked me to wear a hat, so I didn't get skin cancer.

To this day, I wear a hat when I travel outside. I do this on cold and warm days. If I don't wear a hat, I put sunblock on my head.

His concern for me was touching. The truth is that I don't want to let the guy down. That's why I wear a hat.


Basically, let your skin be naturally.

Accept your skin colour as yours and maintain its beauty.

Know the right cloth to wear at the right time depending on the season.

And I'll strongly advice that you use natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, as body cream as they are much more safer than formula made.


Skin cancer is a process of transformation that cells have been, going from a normal to an uncontrolled and autonomous in terms of proliferation.

This process can occur spontaneously. It is possible to say that something of the occasion.

The factors that affect cells and can cause cancer are:

- Radiation: exponent to high levels of radiation such as gamma and ultraviolet radiation can cause mutations in the cell's DNA. This can result in the genes that control proliferation and repositioning being inhibited.

-Cancer agents: there are highly toxic chemicals that are capable of causing strong aberrations in cells. Having direct contact with these compounds can produce signals in the cell nucleus that affect gene expression and thus cancer is formed.

-transfeccion of DNA: there is a possibility that if there is an exogenous DNA molecule that sea capable of recombining with the genetic material of the cell and this interferes with the control of the replication cycle, cancer will occur. This is more difficult to happen, but it can be induced by some type of gene therapy.

-microorganisms: there are microorganisms capable of causing cancer through various routes. The human papilloma virus has become an example of the genetic virus with the genetic material with the cell it infects.

Other organisms such as fungi are able to release toxic substances that can cause cancer by making contact or being respected.

It is recommended.

  • Avoid strong and frequent radiations. Do not use too much sun, avoid UV light chambers, and contact with other radiations such as x-rays or gamma rays.

  • Avoid contact with carcinogenic substances such as:




Hexavalent chromium

  • Take into account the conditions of a gene therapy and in what area it occurs.
  • Knowing a little about the microorganisms that cause cancer and avoiding possible contact can be identified.

Thank you very much and I hope you are careful!