What lessons has life taught you ?

Life is full of lessons. Each day, we are taught so many things but often times, we fail to pay attention to life's lesson and end up making the same mistake over and again.

Life has taught me a whole lot of things. Sometimes, it makes me feel so old that I have learned so much from life in a very short while. I cannot categorically state one thing that life has taught me but it sure has taught me a lot and a few of them will be:

Life is too Short: Life is short and we must make use of every day, every single moment, every opportunity like its the last we'd get or the last we would live. That way, we do not get so carried away by the cares of this world and we would take life as simply as it comes.

You can be anything: The first time I started believing this shit was when I put my mind to achieve something I had initially thought I couldn't achieve. I had written it off in my mind before but when I decided that I must achieve it, I experienced it materialize. In this life, you can be anyone or anything you want to be, all you need to do is believe in yourself. Believe you can and you will.

No One Is Perfect: When you understand that no one is perfect, a lot of things will change for you afterwards. How you treat people, how you manage their excesses, how you tolerate others and forgive them will obviously change. You will begin to start making excuses for people's excesses and not let their hurt get to you.

Life Is A Journey: Life is a journey, it is a process and not a destination. A lot will unfold to you as you go through life. Take life one step at a time and don't rush through life. As you journey through life, a lot of things will fall into place for you.

Life itself is a lesson, day by day, we learn something new and we must pay attention to these lessons to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Cheers, JI



Life has taught me that there is a lot of randomness in human events, that our fragile and ephemeral existence should be put to good use, and that we are nothing without love in our hearts.

We want to believe that there is a direct relation between our actions and what happens to us. From my view some things may be directly related to our actions, for instance, if I get rewarded here for asking and answering questions nobody can say that’s because I am lucky. I have obviously been putting a lot of effort writing my answers and there is a very generous heart behind the musing account that maybe rewarding me even when my answers are not that good, but I have to put something here so that that reward get to me and not to someone else (who is not musing).

We want to think that if we always do the right thing, only good things will happen to us. But the fact is that very bad things will happen to us sooner or later, regardless of our behavior. This gets even more frustrating when we see horrible people doing well (to think that they don’t sleep well does not make them less fortunate or us happier). The thing is that I have learned to do the right thing only because it feels good, regardless of the outcomes.

Death of loved ones, some a very early age, some very old, but still useful and wanted, has taught me the ineffable void of loss. We have fragile bodies and we live ephemeral existences. Out transit in this world is insignificant in the great scheme of things, but even looking at it that way, I have understood that there is a certain satisfaction in living a good life, without even (at least purposefully) hurting another human being. To be remembered and love, to be emulated by people who we touched while we walked this earth is a beautiful thing. We should do the best we can with whatever time we are given here to do good things for others.  

Lastly, we cannot live without a purpose and to have a purpose we need to love someone or something. I have read stories of millionaires who leave their fortunes to pets or libraries. I don’t blame them for that, I can’t judge them for that. At least they loved that cat or dog, or those books who they know will benefit and transform many lives. Some people live life as if they will never need anyone. They use people as they use material resources. Ultimately, we live to love someone to leave a trace and mark to continue living even after we are gone, in the hearts and minds of others.


The most important lesson that life has taught me, is:

"You must take care of your body. mind, and soul above all else."

For the longest time I abused all three of these, in just about every way possible. 

I learned a few things during this time, but the most important thing I learned, is that without caring for yourself first and foremost, you will lack in virtually every aspect of life. 

You will be of little use to others if you do not make sure your own needs are fulfilled properly, and that your mental health is suitable for interacting with others. 

Maintaining proper diet and exercise first and foremost will give you a good foundation to maintain positive mind and soul. Caring for your mind and soul in a productive manner will help you to fulfill your purpose, as well as the energy you exude onto others, will become more positive and magnetic. 

I hope this answer was helpful. 


1. Life has taught me to be resilient in pursuing vision and passion. 

While starting off my business in 2012, there were many opposing forces right from home (parents) and others. However, what kept me during those trying and incubating times was that I was pursuing vision and I was passionate about it. 

Seven years later (today), the seemingly small outfit has grown to be a renown  institution for research. I was resilient in my pursuit. The financing wad difficult, To break-even was harder because the starting funds were quite small compared to the complexity of the project.

The start of a thing may be difficult, if we faint not on the dream we pursue, we shall surely get ashore.

2. Life has taught me patience

Patience has been  a virtue I never had. With this, it was difficult to relate with people successfully. I needed my things when I needed them without recourse to the after effect, but later, I discovered how much I lost  due to impatiently taking decisions and today I can tell others that patience is "gold".

Sometimes, we just need to let a matter be and give ourselves more time to ponder and decide on what to do. Hasty decisions may be regretted.

3. Life has taught me to be a Giver

I am a personal testimony of how giving can open up doors of the future for a man.  My dad in his little efforts tried to help people - accommodation, school fees, etc. They were actually small. Growing up, I met my parents dried (financially), yet, our needs were all met. People met our needs  to our surprises. Indeed, gifts are seeds. We'll reap in due time.


Life has taught me so many valuable lessons. Below are some of them:

*. There are consequences for every action

*. Nobody is perfect because everyone has flaws in them though in different degrees

*. Everything happens for a reason but it's our responsibility to discover such reason

*. Nothing spectacular happens by chance. Every spectacular thing we see around is a product of someone's hardworking

*. Everyone won't like me or treat me nice and I should not let their I'll treatment affect who I am.

*. I can be anything I want to be if I resolve in my heart to go after it. Etc.

The lessons life has taught me are numerous. These are just a very few of them


@Prechyrukky, I want to give short and crisp response to this and that is, life taught me one of the greatest lesson and that is "Less Is More". Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Never love somebody all the more than you cherish yourself. 

Never settle on choices when you are furious and never make guarantees when you are cheerful. 

Time doesn't sit tight for anybody. So don't simply trust that things will occur, rather work for it. 

Individuals who said that, they will never abandon you, will abandon you when things get hard. 

No one is flawless. Acknowledge your loved ones with their imperfections. 

Trust is the most critical thing in any relationship. Never break somebody's trust. 

Never separation with someone over content or call. They have the right to see the human feelings regardless of how hard it is. 

Never love somebody on the off chance that you don't have the solidarity to make it work. 

Never ask somebody to remain. The correct one will dependably remain.


>Life is the hardest teacher. It gives test first, and the lessons afterwards.

Each day, Life has taught us many valuable lessons. But we are so busy living the life that others want us to live, that we fail to notice or pay attention to life's lessons resulting in us making the same mistake or making the same wrong decision.

I cannot give you specifically what lessons Life has taught me but what always comes to mind if I am asked what I learned in my 24 years of existence is this: 

> Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.

Yes, the Golden Rule. How many of us failed to follow this rule? How many of us, when cheated upon, would say that " Life is Unfair" without you realizing that you have also been unfair to someone? 

I remembered a story I heard from our parish priest. You may have heard it already but it is worth to be read again. The story goes like this:

There was once an old man who, due to his very old age was forced to live with his son and his family so that he can be cared of. At first, he was treated very well. They eat together. His son also gave him one of the rooms in his mansion. But shortly after, he became so clumsy. More often than not, he would break a plate or two, or spill his food on the table. Enraged, his son put him in a hut outside his mansion. That hut is purposely made for their maids. Not only was he put there, but he was also forced to it from a plastic plate. To cut the story short, the old man died but his son never wept. One day, they decided to clean the hut so that the maids can come back and live there. All the old man's belongings were burned except the plastic plate where the old man used to eat because his son is clutching eat and would not let it go. The man asked his son why and the child replied," If I will burn it, where will you eat when you grow old and clumsy"?

How many of us, after being successful, forget about our parents because we do not need their support anymore? How many of us took for granted the sacrifices that our parents endured just to give us the life we have now?

I know there are still plenty of Life to live ahead of us to correct our mistakes in the past. As I continue to live this life, I will see to it that I am keeping this rule as a guide. I hope you will too.


Never love somebody all the more than you cherish yourself.

Never settle on choices when you are furious and never make guarantees when you are upbeat.

Time doesn't sit tight for anybody. So don't simply trust that things will occur, rather work for it.

Individuals who said that, they will never abandon you, will abandon you when things get hard.

No one is immaculate. Acknowledge your loved ones with their imperfections.

Trust is the most vital thing in any relationship. Never break somebody's trust.

Never really break up with someone on text or call. They have the right to see the human feelings regardless of how hard it is.

Never love somebody on the off chance that you don't have the solidarity to make it work.

Never ask somebody to remain. The correct one will dependably remain.

Communication is the embodiment to any relationship. Regardless of how hard it is, simply communicate