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What are the disadvantages of being afraid of making mistakes?

Its okay to be afraid. Everyone must have been there at one point in time or another but some have failed to leave there. Most people have had this negative emotion showing us a thousand and one reasons why it would not work out or why we won't succeed at a task. It is however wrong when you remain afraid and therefore refuse to try. The fear of making mistakes have made more persons refuse to attempt some things and therefore actually failed. A child that is afraid of falling may never walk. But the one who tries gets stronger after each fall. The beauty of life is not in never falling but in our abilities to rise, every time we fall. Mistakes are inevitable and they add up to our wealth of experiences. There are several reasons why you shouldn't be in that state for too long.

1. You may never learn. Each time you make a mistake, you learn. You learn new ways or better ways of doing things. If Thomas Edison had discovered electricity from his first attempt, he would have lost a chance to learn the things he did learn those one thousand times he failed. Mistakes open up opportunities for us to learn and also guide someone else who may have to go through same path.

2. You may lose your chance to celebrate your victories. If we don't make mistakes, then victories will not be worth it. Successes are worth celebrating only because there are failures. Good is what it is because there are bads. Light is appreciated because we know the effect of darkness. You can only celebrate winning because you know what it means to lose. Let winning become your only thoughts that you are no longer afraid to fail.

3. You may never try. Fear is a negative emotion. It is reflected in the things we say, in our reactions and disposition and much more importantly in our decisions and results. A student who is afraid that he or she may fail an exam that he is yet to write may not even be able to grasp or assimilate anything as he or she reads. He may end up not answering questions correctly or not following the instructions. It becomes easy to get confused and fail. Failing is easy when we think it and say it. Instead, fill your mind with positivity and give that task your best shot.

4. It kills your best. People that are afraid of failing perform tasks poorly because thoughts generate energy that affects what we do and how we do it. Energies could be positive or negative. Fear is a negative form of energy that prevents us from performing tasks to our optimum best. Chances are if you are scared that you won't do something right, you've already determined the outcome of an event before you started. Most likely it would happen according to your prediction. The Biblical Job was afraid that someday all he's labourer for may come crashing. In his words paraphrased, he said " that which I feared most has happened to me". He actually did lose all he had, family, livestock, and health.

5. Stagnancy. Fear of making mistakes can prevent you from moving forward. It can become a hindrance to your promotion. It may make you lose many opportunities. When you focus on failure, you can't succeed. You only make progress by climbing the next rung of the ladder. If you fail to try because you are afraid of failing, you will be stuck at the ground level for a long time.

6. Anxiety. Fear of failures can make us so anxious that we fail at very simple tasks that would have otherwise been a walk over. It disturbs our peace of mind and makes our thoughts unstable. It makes us quit even before we get started. It destroys our confidence and sabotages our self esteem. It gives us the feeling that we are not good or can't be good at something. Every successful person had this self doubt but the reason they are on the list of success Is because despite how they felt, they still pushed past their feelings and tried. Every new success gives you the confidence to try again. Rather than focus on failing, channel your energy to succeeding.

Life is a cumulative growth experienced over time. Failure on the other hand is relative. How we perceive failure differs from one person to another. People have several reasons why they are afraid. It is either they attempted in the past and got a lot of criticisms. Some people carried this negative feelings from childhood into adulthood. Remember that nobody can actually stop you without your permission. Rather than quit on trying, quit on allowing those bad emotions ruin your life. It is better to try and fail than not to have attempted at all. You never can tell a person can swim until he dives into the water. Push aside those phobias and get your swimming trunk in readiness for a swim of your lifetime. I and the world is waiting to applaud you.


Well take it from somebody who's lived an extremely cautious existence for the last couple of years, you'll never move forward in life!!!

The thing about mistakes is that they're an essential part of success and no successful person ever made it in life without making mistakes, sometimes big ones and sometimes small ones, the thing is you only hear about their successes and not their failures.

If you don't make mistakes then I don't think you're even trying to move forward in life. Being afraid of making mistakes is one of the major things that make people's lives become stagnated, it ties people down to one spot where they are afraid of moving backwards and terrified of moving forward.

What people don't know is that every wrong step is a lesson that you won't have to learn again and a mistake that you won't make again either. It teaches you something that people who haven't made that mistake won't know and that instantly gives you an advantage over everyone else.

Being afraid of making a mistake is the same thing as being afraid of being successful. Mistakes are a subset of success, a sort of prerequisite if you ask me and to fear it is to fear moving forward. Thomas Edison made 9,999 mistakes before he was able to make the light bulb and when he did it, he said that he'd learnt 9,999 ways not to make it.

If he'd been afraid of making mistakes then maybe by now we'd all have burning torches kerosine lamps in our houses till now.

I hope this helps.


You will never learn if you are too afraid to make mistakes.


Go out and flop gladly! You'll pick up the awesome endowment of disappointment invulnerability! See: What is 'disappointment insusceptibility'?

The Lotus Flower, a standout amongst the most staggering blossoms on the planet, just sprouts out of the nastiest water. At this moment, botches speak to the awful water, yet 'botches' (or as Pattie Thomas calls them - 'Ah Ha minutes!) are both unavoidable for us as defective human beings...and basic for us to inevitably deliver the sprout of our own lotus blooms.

So please have persistence!

I hone Nichiren Buddhism, and Daisaku Ikeda, our worldwide Buddhist pioneer, supported me when he said that on the off chance that you put one bit of paper on a heap each day, at first you won't see much. Yet, at that point a seemingly endless amount of time, after quite a long time, that heap develops high and you probably won't trust how high it can get!

I didn't care for baby steps! In any case, now that those time has passed and I have accomplished a little enormity in a couple of regions (in spite of innumerable slip-ups of each nature) - I can let you know there's expectation!

Here's my 11-minute YouTube story which tells how I conquered my dread of disappointment and my sentiments of depression. If you don't mind know I'm not recommending my way is the main way but rather I'm trusting it will energize you!

Fall! Furthermore, get up again...smiling. You're human. When you begin to feel discouraged...just know: "Everybody has the privilege to make an ass out of themselves. You can't let the world judge you excessively." HAROLD and MAUDE

Harold and Maude (1971)


The disadvantages are that you will never try anything. As the saying goes " Better to have loved and lost than not loved at all"