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Do you think Manchester United can make top four in the EPL this season?

This is definitely a tough question but considering some really determining factor it will be difficult for them to make the top four. I know it is very enticing to see them win by 5 goals yesterday and it is actually the first time they've been winning by five goals since their veteran manager Alex Ferguson left in 2012 , however it's already december and Manchester united are still occupying the 6th or 7th place in the English premier league.

The first reason why I think it will be very difficult it's because the new manager Ole gunner solskjaer we have a lot of job to do in reconstructing the team to play attacking football again and this may take up to 5 or 6 weeks I don't think the interim manager is yet to face a top quality team and when he does that is when we shall know if the team is really adapting to his transition to attacking football. They were always bound to beat cardiff city who are languishing 17th place on the table but one of the reason why I think it will be difficult for them to make top 4 is because it will take time to transition from their negative football to an attacking football especially against a very good team.

Another reason is because I think the top 4 has already been set and there will not be changes however even if they will be changes I do not think manchester united with the added to that change comma from my perspective I think Liverpool, manchester city, Arsenal and Chelsea are the teams that will actually finish first to fourth position and manchester united will have to settle with being fifth position or sixth position having a new manager is not easy and even the United board knows this, the season is already over for manchester united and they will only be playing for pride.

The EPL table is really not shifting and I'll say the fight doesn't include Manchester united in any way, they'll still lose to tricky teams like Crystal Palace, Everton and Southampton, so the best they can finish will be 5th position.


Anything is possible although it is going to be a tough ride. They currently sit at sixth position and are already eleven points from that position. The league is as competitive as it has ever been and those teams in the top four will do everything to remain there. I really cannot put it to this team to make it there. Champions league qualification would be a bonus. 

The thing is that Manchester United have so many good players but many are not playing to their maximum potential. With the quality of Alexis Sanchez, Romelu Lukaku, Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Manchester united have no business being sixth on the log table. Let's just hope that the coming in of Solskjaer would help get them back on track. 

Their current situation have been blamed on Jose Mourinho with many saying that the Portuguese was a round peg in a square hole. Yet, the players have unde-rperformed and have not really functioned to the best of their potential. Hopefully, with Ole Gunnar, that fighting spirit can be seen one more time.

Still, i won't give it to them to finish in top four.