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Is it easy to forgive and forget?
As in the case of a young girl who is raped at the tender age of 9. When she sees the person that raped her will she not remember , even if she has forgiven him?

Would likely be different for every person. Some may forgive more quickly & easily than others.



It is not easy to forget a wrong that has happened to you, like in the case of the young girl you mentioned. The fact that she remembers him, doesn't mean she shouldn't forgive him.

It is a commandment to always forgive, no matter what wrong had been done to us. But it is up to us to forget the pain or not. We determine whether to forget or not and it is definitely not a crime to still remember the pain. 


She will always remember for such incidents like that cannot be forgotten. The guy is a reminder of her depression. She can never forget


I think forgiving the person after such a bad incident will not be easy for any girl but after some time its better to forgive, forget and move on. Because life is all about moving on. If that girl don't forgive and forget then it will be difficult to live life. If she keeps thinking about that in which there is nothing wrong done by her the she can't focus on anything else. In any girl's life this is a very much painful thing. I would say to get the person punished badly after such a shameful act so that others don't dare to do so but if it does not happen due to some different circumstances then she should move on in life.

No matter how-much time is passed, but if she see that person in front of her then she will surely recall all that which happened with her and it will be again so painful for her.  She will remember for sure and feel disturbed even after she forgiven and forgotten.

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Forgiveness is not something will do for others. But something we do for ourselves to move on with life.

It is quite difficult to forgive someone when we've been deeply hurt. More especially when the hurt has created a memory. That's were forgetting comes in, forgetting a hurt is not as easy as it seems. It only takes the special grace of God to forget a hurt and put it behind.

In cases like this, its very difficult to forget. The truth must be told. But there's no need of holding the hurt because the more we hold such incident to heart the more it creates hate in our heart. Which makes one miserable.

Unforgiveness does more damage to the person in which it is stored than the vessel in which it is poured. Forgive and forget the man, nothing will annoy him more than that. No matter how difficult it may be. It will save the girl from the expense of anger, the high cost of hatred and waste of energy.

She just have to try and put the memory behind even if she's still seeing the man. Because if she doesn't do so, hatred and bitterness will set in. Which might create the thought of revenge. And these are luxuries non of us can afford.

To forgive and forget is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was YOU (Unknown).


In situation like this I think the man can be easily forgiven but can't be easily forgotten because he has already lay a bad stigma on her which can't be forgotten for life.

In other words there a saying which I do believe in

The first to apologize is the bravest.

The first to forgive is the strongest,

and the first to forget is the happiest.


I don't think so it is difficult task to forgive and forget. Forgiveness is indeed a good deed. Men should try to forgive if some one is repented on his mistakes/sin. People of good heart always forgive people. Our GOD forgives people who repented on sin & God like those people who forgives other. Forgetting is also a good act. It's better to forget about the bad experience but we should forgive & forget people but we should be aware to remain careful with such people in future.