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How do you cope with a proud spouse?
Can you marry a proud person? Bearing in mind that the marriage is for a life time.

May be I have to ask my Husband that. ha ha.

I am the one I think a sort of proud, because I have some bigger degrees and a good job. But do not always show 'proud' to him. 

As we are in a good relationship and he always try to compromise. So I think compromising each other, giving space and respect each other can help you.

Other think is, if you are feeling problem, then it would be best to have a talk. It is the most effective way to cope up each other. You can tell why you are feeling so and what would make you comfortable.

Try to understand the person, give him priority and time. I think those will also help.

Other thing is, do not show ego. As you are choosing the path of 'cope' so ego will be working like a poison in this relationship. Do not argue with him/her. As they are something who feels proud for them so ego and argument will surely disgust them. 

Respecting each others choices and showing empathy can help in this situation I think. 

Have a great day.