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Have you ever been afraid of getting married?
People tend to be afraid of getting married because of the responsibilities ahead.

Yes!! I most certainly have, sometimes the thought of having to completely take up the mantle of being a breadwinner and having to ask a grown woman to leave her father's house and come to yours is terrifying. There's no guarantee that everything will be okay and you'll be ok financially forever and that alone is reason enough to be terrified of marriage.

For someone like me who doesn't believe in cheating, marriage is even scarier because it's one thing to cheat or be cheated on when you're dating, but to do it when you're married is to break a vow that's as old as man itself. I'm terrified of being the one that might break the boss and I'm also terrified of how I'd feel if my wife broke her vows, it would destroy me.

Let's not forget the lack of freedom and increase in responsibility that comes with being married. You're no longer one person, you're two people and before you do anything you have to consult your spouse. Then there's the fear of being a terrible parent which is equally as terrifying because my father raised me well and to disappoint him by not raising my kids as well scares me

There are lots of reasons why marriage may scare people, you may end up marrying a person and then they become different people entirely and social media and the internet has made it very clear that no matter how much you guys love each other, anything can happen and end your marriage. The truth is that marriage is truly terrifying.

I hope this helps.