Whom would you save first - your child or spouse in a fire outbreak?
Some people prioritize their children over their spouse. To me,this is anormally. I see marriage as spouse centered. Children and other relatives are secondary. Let's share are thoughts on who to have the first place spouse or children?

I would save the child first and it is not because of what other people think and what is the general tendency of the society. I would save the child first keeping in mind that a child does not have that much skill and experience as compared to an adult to deal with such life threatening situation and that will be the sufficient reason for me to save child first and the spouse next. Spouse being an adult is no doubt more capable than a child to save herself to some extent. 

It is not like that whom you love the most, rather it is more to do with who needs the help most and that sets the priority under such circumstances. In that sense, a child is always the top most priority.


The question presupposes that there is choice and that you can't save both but only one and it is up to you which one.

I will save my own child every single time instead of my wife if I'm forced to choose. That's what she would want, too. I'm absolutely 100% certain of that. To me, to think otherwise is completely incomprehensible. This is not about the marriage or anyone's status in the marriage. It is the most natural thing in the world to want to save your own children first and your spouse second. The children are not part of the marriage. The marriage is between the adults. It is instinctual to want to save your children first. Your children are your flesh and blood and the future. Your spouse is another adult family member and not even related to you. It is the human thing to do to want to protect your own offspring at all costs.

In fact, any proclamation to the contrary is suspect on multiple grounds. First of all, it smacks of a tendency to try a little too hard to convince oneself or others of one's love for one's spouse. I've seen women go to considerable lengths to display their love of their spouse to the outside world only to dump them a short time afterwards. Secondly, if it really was the case that a woman would save her husband in fire instead of his child, I wouldn't want to be that husband, in all honesty. Having a child of yours die is one of the most excruciatingly painful things that can happen to you and will in all likelihood ruin the rest of your life. Knowing that my spouse chose put me through that instead of saving our child and let me die instead would cause me to lose my trust in her for good.


Depends on who is closer and who's in greater danger

While I appreciate the most people's feelings to save their children first, I don't share that instinct.

For me, it's a matter of who is closer. If I expect my child to be in the living room and I'm not sure of where my spouse is, I'll go for my child. If reverse is the case, I'll go for my spouse.

But then, having to choose between a child and a spouse isn't always an easy decision to make. While we're in the comfort of our homes we can make pronouncements on things we'll do.

However, in the heat of the moment, we often find ourselves confused to our next step. In times like that, we rely on our instinct.

Mine is a practical one. I simply save who I can get to first and try to reach for the second while I still can


 Well, If I'm on that stage, I would like to save first that are near to me that I reach to immediately. Because In that situation is very difficult to help the first, but personaly I'll try to save both much as I can. Because both are my life and me never aspect of living without him.

First I pray to God they never come to that situation in our life. I must pray to God because God is one who protects you from any trouble. I will pray to save both at the same time. Only God will help you in every criticle situation of life when there is no one near to you. But God is always with you to save your life from danger zone. We should always trust Allah.

Every human life is important and that's our big responsibility to save human's life If we found there in danger. This is not because they are in relation with you, we should save every humen's life, however, they are not interacted with you before.  


I would save the child, there is no second thought in that situation. And even if I prefer to save my spouse first, she won't agree to that and would do the same if she had to choose between me and the child.

This is a natural behavior and it doesn't stop with humans only. If you would have lived and/or visited to any of your relative in the country side, you might have noticed/saw/witnessed that when an eagle attack on the hen and her chicks, she hides them under her wings without thinking about her own safety.


You can't make that call and I would do everything in my power to save both. You can't pick and don't know the circumstances. If you put your mind to things you can become superhuman and achieve the impossible.

We all have an inner strength that most of us haven't tapped. I know if my family is in danger I would move heaven and earth to save everyone or die trying. In pressure situations one needs a clear mind and to think logically under pressure. I would go for the hardest first and collect the second on the way back.

You cannot choose one over the other and I would call it even. One doesn't warrant rescuing more over the other one. A mother may think differently and save her child first. 


I don't think there will be any decision making in the process but the action will be pure instinct and I have a gut feeling that most people will go for the child. As our genes would have it, I think we will go towards saving the future generation that has only lived a short life span, than saving someone who has lived a fair share. I think, even when one experiences parenthood, the attention, and focus shifts from the partner to the child. And from an evolution standpoint, men and women may have different reactions to the said situation. One gets more caring about the child, as i think our brain starts signalling to us that the young one needs protection till it is growing. This in my opinion is quite contrary to the notion that a person should save the adult in a life threatening situation, as they are more likely to find companionship with them, than the child. However, based on evolutionary instincts, i think most people will save the child. 


I'll save the child first.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am a lady (and would be mother).

I love my spouse but I feel he would most likely be able to pull himself out. But a child... And God forbid that the child is only a baby.

I'll definitely go for my child first.


This is a very easy question to answer if you have not experienced it but I believe it is a very difficult decision you have to make in the case, God forbid, this will happen.  I hope and pray that God will forbid this from happening.

This time, we can really think hard who would best be saved first but, what if we are now on the situation where we need to decide fast? We will be confused on what we are going to do especially that someone's life is in danger. We get rattled and the worst thing is, we might loose them both.

If I were in this position, I would save first the one who is within reach or closer to me. It doesn't matter if it is my child or my wife. Then after making sure that one of them is safe, I'll come back inside and save the other one as much as I can.


Don’t have kids yet, so can’t totally answer.

Though if I DID, I guess the answer would depend on how much I liked them or not. Ha!