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Is it easy to forgive and forget?
Some said it easy. Some said it is not easy. But look at the Case of of a young girl who was raped even if she forgives the man is it possible for her to forgot the man?

It is not easy to forgive and forget but it usually it depends on the person and what kind of mistakes he or she did to you but if you pray to God and ask for guidance he will always guide you in a good way. God has forgive all his children so why shouldn't we forgive even though some people have wronged you always think positively and be a good person.


It is not very easy but it is very possible....

1....The most ideal approach to accomplish forgiveness is to quit pondering the resentment itself and spotlight on achieving vital objectives. On the off chance that you push ahead and make a delightful life, you will feel less disappointed and less furious.

You will be additionally eager to assume liability for your activities, and your need to fault will disseminate. You won't have any desire to corrupt your joy by being ungracious. Fundamentally, excelling in your life will come to could really compare to getting even.

2....The most ideal approach to forget is to enhance your conduct and conditions until the point when you feel safe enough to relinquish unpleasant memories. On the off chance that somebody has hurt you previously in the past, attempt to work out a concurrence with the individual so you can feel sensibly beyond any doubt it won't occur once more.

It's additionally a smart thought to deal with what made you helpless in any case and change your frame of mind or conduct. Realizing that you can deal with a recurrence without being actually devastated will enable you to forgive and also forget...