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When you tell someone or someone tells you I love you what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Be sincere.

Love is a beautiful thing it's almost like an everyday word.

I get to tell people I love them and they tell me too so it's not a new word to me.

But when someone I am just getting to know tells me he loves me, a lot of things runs through my head at the same time. First, I think, what does he want? Sex? Or he just admires my personality? A relationship? Commitment? So many things runs through my head at the same time and whatever I say afterwards will be dependent on my relationship with him before he said those words.

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The word "Love" can be misunderstood or misplaced sometimes.

When someone says he loves me, a lot of things run through my mind.

First, I'm thinking, "Does he have a girlfriend?"

"Are we compatible?"

"Can we work?"

"Do I love him too OR Can I love him as much as he loves me?"

"What exactly does he want?"

"Sex? OR He really does love me?"

"Is he willing to be committed?"( I like a fully committed relationship)

All these thoughts/questions and more run through my head when someone mentions the word "LOVE" to me.

And that is of course not forgetting the rush of adrenaline and butterflies I'd be feeling in my stomach.

Whatever decision I come up with afterwards will be dependent on my previous relationship with him.


Love is something different and special.

The meaning of love is different to individuals that's why we have platonic love, conditional love, unconditional love, romantic love, agape love, eros love, self love and so on.

When I tell someone I love him or her it depends on what I found stunning and incredible about the person.

If I love you because of your smartness then the first thing that comes to my mind is your intelligence.

If I love you because of your fashion scene then the first thing that comes to my mind is your dressing.

If I love you just mutually then the first thing that comes to mind is friendship.

If I love you romantically then the first thing that comes to my mind is lust.

On the part of what comes first in the person's mind, then I can't really say because human beings are different.

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Yeah when I will I cant live or cant spent time without him and also always missing him for no reason..

And when I will he is the most important one in life then I think I should te.ll I love him.Also when I will see my life partners everything so cute he love me lot than others and try to take care always..And also for my pain he also feel sad and for happiness he can do anything then I will tell..That's

type when I will see that's moment I will tell him..

Thanks for your question


I will want to know if the person is serious or just another random joke

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Hello thanks for asking

Maybe my answer is cliched, but in my experience, I keep thinking about that person and what he reacts to if I do something.

Keep remembering, how the response will be something. The words he had spoken. These little things felt very valuable because I was happy to know every detail of him.

when I fall in love or someone I like is the things I feel when I meet and think about it:

Want to meet her, if I don't meet her feel the miss. Or at least I want to call her every day.

Excessive shame when meeting

Thinking her without stopping, the shadow continued

Planning what to do if I want to meet her, chat what.

If I want to meet her, confused, what clothes do I want to wear, as if in the closet there is nothing good.

Changing the appearance and tone of voice to look the best for her.

confused what surprise today is for her when she is a birthday

If it's in front of it, it's as if no one can speak or blank.

I hope she is happy. I miss joking laughter. I hope the journey of his life is smooth so that his forehead does not need to wrinkle. I wish everything was the best for her, even if I had to yield.

I know this is too much ^^, but that's what I feel when I fall in love.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day


I only tell I love you if it's true. For example, I always tell my wife and children that I love them everytime I live home going to work. They also tell me they love me and I'd believed that. If I will here I love you from someone else it could be suspicious. I will think this someone is up to something so I will not believe her.

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What do they want from me? Nobody loves without a reason. There is always a condition involved like they rationalize their attraction towards you. Are they sincere as well? I'd question that proclamation and assess where to go from there. Never assume beyond what the person said. It's more difficult to jump to conclusions and make a fool of yourself.