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Where will you buy your next house if you can afford it and why?

This question is so tempting. If you ask me, it's like a blank cheque. Everyone wants to own a house, a living shelter. A place you can always come to everyday after a hectic day.

There's a saying that goes, there's no place like home. Inasmuch as a lot of persons want to own houses outside their country where they can always have their families and friends visit during vacations, I'm a Nigerian and I'd like to have my first house here in Nigeria.

Nigeria is made up of several cities. I'm not a tourist though and I haven't visited all. I've been to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, the heart of Nigeria.

I choose Abuja because life there is like life in any other developed country of the world. With good roads, really motorable, electricity, security, beauty and modernization. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that you can't find this in any other city aside Abuja. Like I said before, I've visited quite a few and this city is really fun, talk about class and unique structures. Tell me who wouldn't want to own a house in such a city.


If I could afford it, I would buy my next house in a place that is surrounded with breathtaking natural scenery.

The geographic location does not really matter (as to which country or continent), but I would really want a place where I can step out into beds of autumn leaves or powdery white snow. 

This is because I love nature and its restorative powers. Nature is after all where the word "natural" is derived from, and I think it is somewhat unnatural for us to be in a concrete urban jungle with no contact with nature at all. 


I am partially inspired by a blog by a family who lives on a homestead in rural Vermont, USA (https://www.frugalwoods.com/ check out this blog if you're free!). And also recent talks with a friend about travel to Iceland.


A fun question! This is what I would do:

I'd get some land which was in a rural area and had fresh running water and natural space around it, like trees and hills. I'd build an Earthship, or some similarly whacky off-grid eco-construction which produced it's own electricity, managed its own water supply etc (see example images below). I'd grow fruit and vegetables. I'd have dogs, cats, chickens - not to eat, just to have for company. The house and grounds would be open to all who wanted to visit. Bonfires, hammocks, clear skies. Blissful self-sufficiency!

This could be anywhere in the world of course, but is currently only in my head :D.


There is a place called banana island and the banana island is located in an area called ikoyi,ikoyi is located in the city of lagos which is a city in nigeria,,banana island

is a wonderful environment to live at with many beautiful and lovely mansions all over the place,houses

there are usually very expensive and that makes it a place for the wealthy people,i would love to buy a house

at banana island when i become very rich,the place is really worth its price,with two million dollars you can buy a beautiful big mansion at the place....


While it is tempting to buy properties in exotic continents, I've always believed in "Home is where the heart is". Hence without question, I'll buy a house in my country of residence - Sunny Island Singapore. This is where my family and friends live, and also where most of my amazing childhood memories were created.


if i have a huge money i will buy a house in beverly hills which is a city located in california,los angeles...

The city is a lovely beautiful city with so many lovely beaches and restaurants,the city is well secured and 

has so many fun-spots,the city is a wonderful city 

that is a home to many hollywood stars,i have always dreamed of 

having my own house in beverely hills and i am 

optimistic that i will definitely become wealthy enough to buy house at the city...