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Do you think now days love is becoming fake?

Yes, it is. We lost the concept long ago. We don't even know what true love is anylonger, we can't define it again. It is now what we've made it to be.

True love has been replaced by money and now the new understanding of fake love could actually be the true love. When you love and have nothing to offer to the person in their time of help, to them that's fake love. You suck.

You became helpless in their time of need, so to them what's the point when you can't help someone you claim to love in times of their financial needs.

Someone else who does that even without having any iota of love for the person automatically or gradually wins their love and loyalty. And you're fucked.

What's that? Fake love or true love? I don't know. But I know the new world order of live revolves more about money and materialistic things than feelings.

Is true love a feeling? Is fake love also a feeling? Is love a feeling you feel when you feel a feeling you've never felt before?


In today's world there are so many fake relationships which exist because they want to act out scenes from movies. Trust is seen as stupidity and jealousy is the new cool trend. You tell someone you are single never been kissed and people think you are unlucky and missing out on life . This over rated expectations of love has completed destroyed the true meaning of love and relationships. It is a matter of joke now. People hardly fall in love they just fall in the idea of love.


My friend told me he wanted a girlfriend. After wooing many girls one after another he gets one. They cry for each other within a week of their relationship, kissing and sleeping together immediately. Now thats not wrong whats wrong is they talked and met a couple of days ago after which they got committed and called it true love. Finally guy cheats on her. Alot of drama takes place .Girl finds another guy and breaks up. Guy drinks n smokes talk like a depressed person .

2 days later he's after another girl and this time its true love again.

Hence its just the idea of love and no love really involved.

Another example

he: hi i am your ____ ‘s friend

me: hello

he: are you single?

me: yes ,why ?

he: I think i am falling for you.

me: you just texted me and we dont even know each other

he: I saw your picture and fell in love

This kinda behaviour is wrong . Nowadays boys and girls pretend they are in love wanna get married and that bullshit from the age of 10. And the weird part they do this proudly saying love has no age instead of understanding what they are feeling is not love but attraction.

You must have heard people saying you are single whats the problem say yes . This exactly is the problem. No one cares about your feelings they just need a partner to do the stuffs they see in movies. I could write the longest post about this since I have experienced this very closely and i have so many views on this but i would just rest my case now. With time love is only starting to get all the more fake and over rated resulting in people getting in relationships at an early age when they don't even know what they are doing and then during the ages of 20 or so they start making cynical comments about the opposite gender how they are cheats and can not be trusted. I wish people start using their head in matters of love instead of foolishly and blindly following trends of having a romantic partner no matter what.

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