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Why can not enough money be made to end global poverty and for everyone to have the same economic status?

"Why can not enough money be made to end global poverty"

Money has to be scarce otherwise it's pretty much worthless. You can't just print more money and give it to the poor because it devalues the currency. 

Why do rich people not give away more money? Because people care more for themselves than others. But on the other hand, if you are working your ass of all day and nobody does something for you. Why would you even donate money to some random people you don't know who apparently need it more than you. People want to enjoy their own money. It's everyone for themselves.

The thing is, you could end extreme poverty. But not everyone can live the jetset lifestyle because the earth is now already running out of resources. 

"and for everyone to have the same economic status?"

That's called communism and it doesn't work. Because more difficult jobs are meant to earn more otherwise nobody wants to do them. Why should a cleaning lady earn as much like a doctor? It's a supply/demand thing. High demand of a job with low supply of qualified candidates means a higher wage in general.



Money is not what is needed to improve the economy of a country, instead CBN would have just printed enough money to go round and distribute it. Money is just an exchange for value and that value is what matters most.

What we need is to improve the Agricultural sector most importantly and every other thing that contribute to a better living.

Nevertheless, wealth can never be distributed equally.