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What do you desire to achieve most in life?
Life wishes and dreams

To be happy.

Many have misconstrued views regarding achievements. They only count material possessions as what add value to life. They feel it brings freedom, impacts and so on. I once thought so too, I thought about building a mansion and marrying someone I love.

Why did I want these things?

Because I wanted to be happy, and I still do by the way.

Reading philosophical books have helped me understand that all I want is equanimity and happiness. I want to sleep at night and wake up the next morning happy, forgetting the anxieties of life. Attaching ourselves to material things will only make things harder. It deprives us from freedom, since we already indirectly enslaved.

I want to continue to engage in activities that make me happy. Also, I'm trying to eliminate things that make me unhappy. Giving attention to what I eat, so I can be healthy. Working when I'm healthy, so I can be happy.

When you are happy, you'll be free  from depression. Depression is a silent killer around the world. Many are depressed and people who stay closer to them do not even know this.

Be happy.


Impact. I want to be seen as someone who has made so much impact in the lives of many. I want to be the reason people decide to live again. I want to be the voice to the many who have lost theirs. I want to be the ink to the pen of those who have none.I want to be able to make so much impact that even after I have left this space, I am remembered for my deeds. This is one of my utmost desires in life above other things.


I would say that my desired fulfillment in life is to have a happy & healthy family in the future :)

Let's face it, the only true happiness is the time you spent to your love ones regardless how poor or rich you are. There is no other replacement to it not even a competition to it.

Family comes first :)

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Freedom. I don't want to be a slave to anything, be it money, a person, sin, corruption, etc. If only I can be a total free man owing no debt to prove anything or been enslave by life circumstances then I do be the happiest man on Earth.

Being slave to either material things or people has really kept many in depression, made many lost their lives and also denied many to see the real definition of success.

Only free men live happily and that's why I desire to be one. If I need to be Happy, i understand I must be free, if I need to give my best , I understand I must be free. This is my desire. To be free


I think it is to be happy,healthy and financially secure. I don't need to be wealthy but comfortable so I don't have every day stresses.

I think it is not too difficult and it is not out of my reach so I should be content with what I achieve. Health and happiness are more important than money so getting the wealth would be a bonus but 2 out of 3 isn't bad either.


Holygrail a.k.a Financial Freedom.

I want to get financial freedom fast, because I am sure the time together with our family and loved ones is very valuable. I want to spend the rest of my life with them, and not be preoccupied / too busy with work.