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Why is it important to know how to forgive?

For your own sake. If you have been wronged, it is natural to feel anger. If prolonged, they often develop into resentment. But it's not good for you to let feelings of resentment and bitterness go on festering for years on end. To forget means to let go emotionally and move on with your life.


Forgiveness is very important to the one that is forgiving. When you forgive someone, you're not doing the person a favour, rather, you are doing yourself a favour. Most people suffer tom high blood pressure or heart attack because they have been nursing grudges in their hearts against those that hurt them that they have refused to let go.

The more you keep grudge in your heart or record of wrongs done to you, the more such wrong hurt you and make you feel bad. You carry the weight of othes in your heart when you refuse to forgive them for wrongs done to you. EverytI me you forgive someone, you're simply setting yourself free. Forgiveness is more important to you than the person you're forgiving because you're the one that's carrying the weight of the grudge in your heart by refusing to let go


Because everything comes from a single source, light. Therefore we are something like packaged light and reflected in billions of possibilities ..

I find it hard to explain how I see and feel ..

You know when we see a ray of sunlight that expands in thousands of rays, because the end of those rays is us ..

Therefore we can say that we are one, that light, fractalized in a plane of dense vibration, matter ..

To answer you I have to analyze the energy of resentment or anger, which are like a shell of solid matter that stands between your being and your heart. It's like drowning yourself.

When we get angry our body generates toxic substances ... the repetition of this mechanism, creates real diseases ..

Forgiving is equivalent to cleaning that shell of toxic substances that separates you from your inner light source.

If you do not remove the cuffs that you create with your thoughts, not only with hating, with all negative thinking, there comes a time when you collapse psychologically or somatically, which is to send that shell to your solid material part, where an illness or disease is created. a damage to an organ, or cancer

To know how to forgive is to know how to reestablish your light within, your guide, is to restore life within you, the love that engendered you ..

I hope it serves you ... if you do not tell me and I'll try again ..


It's pretty simple, poor people are the most religious because most times they're just lazy and instead of actually looking for ways to make money, they'd rather go and pray and ask God to send mana from heaven for them.

Even the Bible says "Faith without work is dead" and all poor people tend to have is faith, but they never really put in the work. It's mind boggling how some people will go to church from morning till night asking God to save them from poverty when they should be out in the streets looking for ways to better their lives.

Sometimes when you hit rock bottom you don't know what to do other than look for a miracle from somewhere, that's why a lot of people who go broke or become poor turn to God to help them, and when the poverty persists, theyre told that they aren't praying hard enough, so they abandon actually trying to help themselves and start asking God to do it for them.

Poor people are usually unexposed and they often believe that their faith will save them because God loves them and will provide for them. I'm a Christian and I'll always say that I believe in God, but you won't catch me kneeling down and praying in church from morning till night when I should be out here hustling.

The difference between a poor religious man and a rich religious man is that the poor man will pray for God to do everything for him, you'll here things like "Father please help me get a job", but a rich man will say "father please bless my efforts in trying to get a job". The difference between the two is that one person is waiting for God to do everything for him while the other is asking God to add to what he has already done.

The sad part about is is that most poor people pass on their poor mindsets to others and prevent them from growing. I believe that these hands, these legs, and this brain is enough blessing from God to help anybody get out of poverty, but a typical poor man will keep asking God to provide for him when God has already given him everything he needs to provide for himself.

I hope this helps.