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Where do you want to live?
While not foremost for each calling structure, comprehending where you need to live can be a central piece of the business examine for process. This is particularly honest to goodness for livelihoods that are had with specific region. In the event that you need to work in the magazine business, by then you'll more then likely need to move to New York City. Wheat agriculturist? The Midwest. Anthropologist? All around that truly matters wherever. Past land a locale, rethink the way of life on offer in the spots you'll be going. Do you scan for a metropolitan way of life with eateries and social attractions everywhere? Or on the other hand unmistakably do you require the brilliance and calm of a typical setting? This is somewhere else where the information can be to a striking degree satisfying. In the event that district is fundamental to you, surge toward the Bureau of Labor Statistics' site and complete a few looks for after of work titles by region. Picking which work is ideal for you can be a befuddling procedure. As opposed to concentrating on withdrawing a speedy way, first pick your own extraordinary necessities and goals, and starting there on change your disclosures with what the world passes on to the table.

That's a good question. And I'm afraid I don't have a specific answer yet. In my mind, the place to live would have to meet as much of the following criteria as possible, knowing that no one spot will ever be able to meet all of them.


We live in a pretty temperate place. If we moved, the weather would have to be sunnier and warmer than it is here most of the year, and yet still be green. My wife has allergies and often suffers from anxiety, so somewhere that's brighter and a little drier would help.


The place would have to be comparable or less than what we're paying here, or the opportunity to earn and sustain a higher cost of living would have to be far greater. I'd prefer a cheaper cost of living, since my earnings could be the same regardless of where we lived, if the work I had was done remotely.


I'd want to live where there were some rules and laws governing property use, but not so many that I couldn't build or improve it. Some laws are good, but too many can make things onerous, complicated and expensive.


A place where my wife and I could have friends. We've just never really fit in here. We have a lot of acquaintances, but not so many that we actually do anything with.


It would be great to live around family, or within reasonable flying distance.


It would be nice to find things to do that were free or inexpensive, along with some higher ticket items. A greater variety of activities to choose from that didn't take hours to get to would be nice.

I'm not asking for much, am I? :) That's why I don't have a specific place to live yet. I don't think we're ready to go anywhere anyway, so I still have some time to look and figure out what place might meet a lot of these desires.


I would love to live on the beach down on the east coast of Florida. I have visited there a couple times and I love the white sand beaches. I just would want to miss the hurricanes. Other than that it is perfect.