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What habits should we avoid if we want to avoid high blood sugar?

There are many important things to do when trying to reduce or avoid high blood sugar. I've been through this. 2017, I went to the general hospital to get my blood tested for glucose and saw my blood glucose spiked at 6.5 after a night of fasting where on a normal situation it should be around 4.5 to 5 . The doc told me that I was almost reaching diabetic. I was pretty scared for a long long time. Then I decided that I needed to get some thing done and changed. 

The first thing that I reduced was the craving for sugary drinks. This does the most damage from my view to the body. Sugar if unused converts to fats and it lead the body to have this insulin sensitivity reduced for the body. The body won't be sensitive towards the glucose. Then there is the problem of too much glucose in the body, it can cause the bodies kidney to fail.

The first big step is to reduce any sugars in the blood. All food which is processed and are full of starch definitely have high amounts of glucose which can cause the body to have high glucose in the blood. Bread is also something to really avoid if you want to reduce any glucose spikes in the blood. I was trying to cut down the amount of weight for my body and was not successful so one book that I stumbled across was written by a Doctor known as the wheat belly. It states that two pieces of bread is if I am not mistaken is around 2 tablespoon of sugar. All processed sugars need to be reduced too. These are found in packaged foods. 


We should avoided following things to control high blood sugar

Reduce tension in our life. Yes tension creates a bad impact on your body. It is not good for diabetic and hypertension patient. Infact it can increase both blood sugar and blood pressure in body. So First of all we should try to keep ourself happy and calm. 

Now comes to the eating habbit we should avoid food which is high in carbohydrates. We should avoid fizzy drinks, one glass of Coco-Cola contains almost 105 Calories. We should abstain from food which have high glycemic Index and glycemic load. Glycemic Index indicates how quickly the food left glucose in your blood level and glycemic load indicates how much load the food  injected the glucose in your blood. Beside all this we should avoid fast and processed food. 


1. Avoid fast foods/junks

2. Avoid drinks. Try to drink water only

3. Avoid processed foods. Go fully organic if you can


Very high blood sugar levels can cause diabetes. There are two types of diabetes, namely type 1 which is caused by damage to the pancreas, usually occurs at the age of children and type 2 diabetes caused by unhealthy lifestyles.

1. Smoking

2. Use of recreational drugs that can trigger an increase in blood sugar if consumed regularly

3. Chronic Stress

4. Unhealthy eating patterns

5. Lack of exercise

6. Ignoring the symptoms of pre-diabetes, where the state of blood sugar is higher than usual but has not been categorized as diabetes


1... we should ensure that we avoid eating junk foods.......

2....we should also ensure we avoid eating foods which is very high in carbohydrates or starch.....

3....learn to avoid processed food if possible....

4...you should also avoid foods which really have high glycemic Index........Glycemic Index is what actually indicate how quickly a food will leave the glucose in the blood level....


High blood sugar commonly known as Diabetes. If not controlled or monitor properly many complication may arise. 

It is therefore, very important to keep blood sugar levels in target range so as to reduce the risk of diabetes complications and improve your quality of life. 

Followings are step which can help to reduce the blood sugar level:-

Exercise: Exercise consumes the blood sugar and thus the lowers the sugar level.

Carbohydrates: For high blood sugar it is advised to reduce the intake of carbohydrates.

Fiber: Increase the intake of fiber diets as it take time to digest, so helps to maintain the sugar level.

Water: High sugar patients are advised to stay hydrated so as to maintain the bold sugar level.

Stress: Stress also effects the sugar levels, so try to have stress management. 

Monitor: It is very necessary for high sugar patients to regularly monitor the sugar level.

Medicine: High sugar patients should regularly visit to their doctor and take the advised medicine regularly as per doctor’s prescription. 


Avoid everything with high fructose corn syrup, because that stuff sends your bloodsugar levels upwards spiralling worse than other sugars. All in all a healthy balanced diet could be beneficial.


your question is very good. preventing high blood sugar is very important to do. because if someone has experienced high sugar levels, it will cause diabetes, and of course other complications such as hypertension, kidney damage, and heart disease will approach.

What habits should be avoided in order to prevent the occurrence of high blood sugar?

1. Avoid carbonated drinks.

carbonated drinks contain lots of sugar in them. indeed, carbonated drinks can initially increase stamina and feel refreshed. but if someone often consumes soft drinks, then over time it will cause an increase in blood sugar. this will cause diabetes.

2 rarely do sports.

someone who rarely does exercise will cause a buildup of calories in the body. these calories will convert to sugar. therefore it is very important to exercise regularly so that calories can be burned.

3 often consume fast food

fast food also contains high sugar. like noodles, toast, sponge cake, and others. not only increases blood sugar, but foods that contain calories can also cause cholesterol buildup. therefore do not consume excessively.

4 smoking habits.

smoking is indeed not a factor that causes an increase in blood sugar. but someone who smokes will accelerate the increase in sugar. because someone who smokes will cause blood vessels to stiffen. besides smoking habits will also cause various other diseases.

Hopefully my answer can be useful for you.


We should avoid eating many sweets and of course drinking a lot of soda. It can always lead to high blood sugar. There are many foods to avoid to be healthy and of course we should balance it with exercise regularly . It can help us maintain our body healthy . We should always take care of ourselves to avoid getting sick because health is wealth.