Wy do alot of big names submit suicide despite the fact that they apparently have everything?

Well let me start by saying that money can't buy everything, least of all happiness. That's a well known fact amongst rich celebrities. They're constantly under the public eye and constantly being scrutinized by the public for everything that they do, I reckon it's enough to drive anybody mad. In addition to that, most of them don't really have anyone to talk to and when they tell people that they're unhappy they aren't taken seriously because it's believed that once you have money you'll always be happy.

Nobody checks up on the person that everyone thinks is happy, and the funny thing is that most people who commit suicide are the ones that people feel are the happiest. It's easy to spot a celebrity who's probably going to overdose on a narcotic, they're usually obvious signs, but for someone who's going to commit suicide it's not so easy.

A lot of celebrities see what people say about them on social media and take it to heart. You go on the internet and hear people calling your album or TV show or movie a flop and it gets to you!!! You can't actually show that it hurts to anybody because you know if the media gets wind of it, it's only going to get worse.

Jim Carey said something, "I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer." At the time he said this, he'd just decided to stop doing comedic movies because he was making other people happy but he himself wasn't happy. Now when you hear the name Jim Carey, you're probably going to think of something funny that he's done, but he himself who everyone probably thought was happy wasn't.

There are a host of reasons why celebrities commit suicide, but it's almost always because they just aren't happy and don't know how to deal with it even when they have lots of money.

I hope this helps.


Suicidal thoughts are not particularly common to people who lack. Anybody can harbor suicidal thoughts as long as happiness is absent. Depression is also a psychological condition that promotes such thought in individuals including the big names.

We all have our individual issues and even the big names are human after all. Money can't solve everything or buy everything especially happiness. The truth is, most of these big names are subject to a lot of pressure from their fans, coaches, sponsors etc and sometimes, this pressure can get the best of them.

It is very difficult to lead a normal life once you become one of the socalled big names out there. Many things will change in your life and you will have to give up your old life to embrace a new life of stardom which is always not easy. Time away from family and those who love you, concerts and performances, constant travels etc. These things and many more just make you feel lonely and all alone.

Most big names often get tired of it all and they just chose to end it all.


The answer lies in how we can do some bit of introspection. Tell me how lucky do you think you are with your current living conditions? You may not have the best things money could buy or even get the things you wanted but you're living off better than others who have less. It's dissatisfaction and that endless drive of wanting more because people who lived a privileged life will have difficulty understanding how privileged they are so the common route is pursuing what you don't have which is often unattainable. Each person has their own form of happiness conceived and even with having everything, all of what they have could not satisfy anything. Or they just appear to have everything you would likely want but not exactly what they really want for themselves. 


Suicide isn't as a result of lack of money or comfort in life, it's a mental situation that can occur to anyone regardless of class or status. Long lasting depression that has been left unattended to is one of the major causes of suicide.

Most big people you see living in affluence are actually going through challenging depressing situations that most of them find difficult sharing with others because they don't want to lose their reputation. Their problems are bad because the couldn't share it with anyone and they are always expected to put up the "all is well appearance" whenever they appear in public. This makes many of they feel lonely and just want to end it all.

Rich people also need love and care just like anyone else because they are also humans with issues just like everyone else, but most of them keep quiet when going through challenging times that's one of the reasons why some of them commit suicide because they feel so alone in their very busy world


depression is a major factor in people committing suicide, because depression can attack everyone without seeing the economic status of the rich or poor, in my view happiness and calm are not measured by the material, but how to deal with the problems that occur, because everyone is certainhave a problem just depends on how to respond to it, the most important foundation for people to live is faith, belief in the owner of life. sure God will not burden humans beyond their limits ...

happiness that we make is not an object or other person, in a religion that I believe in, the nature of the human being always feels lacking, a lot of being grateful is the key to living peace of life. Every human being is born to live life with all its problems

whatever problems we face are still struggling to solve them well, even if we need help never hesitate to ask for a helping hand from the people closest to us


Because each and every individual is different. And you never know what is haunting each and everyones soul, you never know what goes on on the inside. Even if people seemingly have everything and show the world a smile they still can be troubled and sad and full of despair.


It is not so easy to describe what happens in the mind of a depressive person to go to the extreme of suicide. Only the person who has it knows. For those who commit suicide are usually depressed people (who can affect anyone) who no longer have the fear of hurting themselves.

First of all, what is everything? is a term that adheres to anyone, some will say money, others affection, family, health, whatever. So, just because someone's life is "perfect" for us doesn't mean that their life really is.

Others deceive themselves by showing the world that they are happy when they are not well. It reminds me a lot of the lyrics of a piece of music "for you I could pretend I was happy when I wasn't" and it gives me a lot to think about.

I have many examples of friends who many times showed a smile and a good vibe, to see others happy, because they appreciated them and did not want to infect them with bad vibes. In addition, those who commit suicide usually do so without warning.

So I'm sure it's not a "have it all" thing because either no one has it all, or they suffer from depression and lack of fear of injury from so much suffering in life.