I am still trying to understand.. Why a circular pizza is kept in a square box and eaten in triangles.?
would love to hear your own opinion about this<br>
@sagartalekar hit the nail there

square boxes are used for practical reasons, otherwise its not by far the most efficient way to pack stuff in a box



(from TFA)

*If you want to contain something without a particular shape of its own, and minimize the amount of packaging material used, a sphere is the most efficient: it has the lowest surface-to-volume ratio of any geometric solid, and "round" containers are generally used for any application requiring great strength. *

in human words : you can pack more in a ball, but if you had a supermarket shelf full of spherical containers the whole place would soon be rolling about.

Specifically for pizza though ...

i assume its simply because all infrastructure in factories is set on fabricating squares, i mean cubes because in the specific case of pizza if you used cylindrical containers you would save a lot of material, say 1million cube boxes to hold a 20cm diameter pizza require more material (times one million) because the corners arent really needed than if you were to have exact shaped 21cm diameter cylindrical containers.

Why its cut in triangles is , imo , the easy part, its because your kids wont fight over who got the bigger slice :p the easiest way to divide a pizza equally is by cutting it either in half or in triangular sections ...

pizza mathematics LOLLLLLLL ... thanks for the questio,n, i think i have a musing addiction i'm gonna stop for the day, thats what five or six questions now ?

there's a small bit about this in a book called "brandwashed" very good read if you're in the marketing or advertising sector

allright the, thats enough mused for one day

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Square boxes I think are easier to produce. Another thing is that whenever the cover is closed shut, the boxes tend to release moisture. If the pizza is kept in a square box, there is more space for the moisture to be released. It is eaten in triangles i guess is because that's the slice shape that a circle can usually be cut into and it somewhat looks fair to each hungry eater.
Dealing with and stacking square boxes is far less demanding than round boxes. Square boxes likewise look bigger, and with solidified pizzas there is no real way to utilize the space picked up in the refrigerator for more solidified products to offer.

Since it is less difficult, less expensive and less demanding to make a square box than a cycle one and furthermore it is simpler to store, transport and pack square boxes which will stay in a level state until required and are immediately amassed at purpose of utilization. A round box by its exceptionally nature should be amassed from no less than four segments, or to be squeezed to shape utilizing uncommon hardware. It likewise should be in two seperate parts, the compartment and the cover. Putting away round boxes squanders space because of the unused volume inside, and the unused space between each case.
Reasons Pizza Is Always Cut Shaped Triangle is probably one of the most popuper foods in the world. Originating from Italy, pizza now can be enjoyed in almost every part of the world. Even in some places also experience the transformation in terms of topping a variety.

But behind all that, have you ever wondered why pizza is round, packed in square boxes and cut into triangular shapes? No need to worry, the answer is square box easier and cheaper to make. This is because a square box can be formed from a single cardboard sheet. In addition, the square properties of the square also make them easier to store, as they are more stable than round boxes.

Square box arguments easier to create and store may be very obvious, then why not make a round box?

First, it will be very difficult and demands a lot of work to produce it. Then, it will cost more to send or transport the round boxes that have been formed. In addition, the pizzeria or pizza restaurant will be difficult because the round box takes up too much space when it is stored.

In addition, the round box should be assembled from at least four separate sections, and may even need to be pressed together by a special machine. Not to mention, the round box also needs to be built in two separate sections, containers and lids.
Technically, a square box will create space on all four sides. This space makes it easier for someone to pick up a slice of pizza. Space in the corners can also be used to store extra items, such as oregano and various other materials.

Meanwhile, the triangle piece is the most efficient way to cut the circle evenly. So, the pizza in the shape of a circle will be cut into triangle shape because of the need. It is also a distinctive feature for pizza.

In terms of benefits, the pizza is cut in triangular shapes so that each part has its edges, which sometimes contain melted cheese. In addition, the triangle shape also makes the pizza more easily held and folded if you like to eat that way.

Even a wedge with a triangular shape means everyone gets the same pleasure and delights

When eating pizza, you must cut it first to form a triangle.

Have you ever wondered why pizza is cut in triangles?
triangle is the most efficient way to cut the circle evenly.

Initially, this form is a necessity for pizza, but until now the piece was a hallmark of Italian food.

In terms of benefits, the pizza is cut in triangular shape so that each part has its edges, for example contains melted cheese.

In addition, the triangle shape also makes the pizza more easily held and folded if you like to eat that way.

In fact, a triangle-shaped slice gives everyone a chance to gain the same pleasures and delights.