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Sex or Chocolate?
when your special someone ask you and you need to to choose only one πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
Sex is a need and chocolate is a sweet.

Sex is required for the human race to expand and for the survival of our existence. Human race will not grow if opposite sexes do not get physically intimate. Nowadays even though there are other options to create babies in a woman's womb, still the act of sex remains the primary technique. Moreover, the need and want to satisfy the sexual urge of both the sexes has far more increased than in previous times.

Chocolate is a sweet delicacy made out of cocoa seeds and is consumed by many daily to satisfy their need of taste. Some of us are addicted to chocolate and eat it everyday. It is given as gifts to children or even during festivals.

Chocolate is abundant in supply and can be bought easily. Sex on the other hand can only be performed with mutual agreement from both the parties involved.

Sex is more important than chocolate, cause the existence of the human race depends on this act, and not chocolate. If humans do not exist, chocolate will not be consumed or required.
Before explaining what sexual urges are, it is very important for us to understand more deeply about the notion of sex and sexuality, because often, these two meanings are used erroneously in everyday life.

Sex is a physical or biological distinction between women and men, often called sex (Ing: sex). While sexuality involves a wide variety of dimensions, namely biological, social, psychological, and cultural dimensions.

Sexuality of the biological dimension relates to the reproductive organs and genitals, including how to maintain health and optimally functioning the reproductive organs and sexual drive.

Sexuality from the psychological dimension is closely related to how to perform functions as sexual beings, role or type identity, and how the dynamics of psychological aspects (cognition, emotion, motivation, behavior) on sexuality itself.

From the social dimension, sexuality is seen in how sexuality arises in human relationships, how the environment influences in shaping the view of sexuality that ultimately shapes sexual behavior.

The cultural dimension shows that sex behavior becomes part of the culture in society

What is Sexual Encouragement?
Sexual impulse is the desire to gain sexual satisfaction gained by sexual behavior. It is normal for adolescents to arise sexual urges because when entering puberty, a sex drive will appear within a person.

At puberty, the reproductive organs begin to function, their sexual hormones also begin to function. These hormones that cause the emergence of sexual urges, namely the hormone estrogen and progesterone in women, and the hormone testosterone in men.

The thing to note is when the sex drive appears not balanced with an understanding of matters relating to sexual behavior.

There is no difference between the sex drive of both men and women. Nothing higher. Although there is a growing belief in the sexual desire of men in men that women are greater than women, it is actually caused by a culture that allows men to be more expressive (including in terms of sexuality), while women are forbidden to show sexual attraction in front of many people.

What is Sexual Behavior?
Sexual behavior is often misinterpreted by many people with sexual intercourse. Sexual behavior is regarded as something that is only "negative". This is not the case.

Sexual behavior is a behavior based on sexual urges or activities to gain pleasure in the sexual organs through various behaviors. Sexual behavior is very broad in nature, ranging from dressing, mejeng, ngerling, seduce, seduce until the activity and sexual relations.

Sexual intercourse is sexual contact conducted in pairs with the opposite sex or same sex. For example: hand grip, dry kiss, kiss wet, petting, intercourse and others.

Sexual behavior is the result of interaction between the personality with the surrounding environment. Here are some internal and external factors that affect sexual behavior:

1. Biological Perspectives, biological changes that occur during puberty and activation of hormones can lead to sexual behavior.
2. Influence of Parents, the lack of open communication between parents and teenagers in sexual issues can strengthen the emergence of sexual behavior violations
3. Influence Peers, in adolescence, peer influence is so strong that the emergence of irregularities sexual behavior associated with peer group norms
4. Academic Perspective, adolescents with low achievement and low aspiration stage tend to more often lead to sexual activity than adolescents with good achievement in school
5. Social Perspective Cognitive, cognitive social skills are associated with decision making that provides an understanding of sexual behavior among adolescents. Adolescents who are able to make informed decisions based on their values ​​can better display healthier sexual behaviors.
I think it would be sex. It is as thrilling as opening pandora's box.
To get the complete human experience and enjoy your existence as much as possible, you actually have to mix these two together.
Well, perhaps because I'm not so much of a sex lover, I'd rather choose chocolate.
Because I know I can get him to give me sex even after giving me chocolate. Lol
sex is a biological need that exists in every human being, and this is normal and normal. sex is also one of the needs and greetings of a household and sex can menaraotakan a harmonious household and can continue the offspring for every person or man who wants to be descendants,
while chocolate is a sweet and delicious food to be enjoyed by mempuai positive effects and negative, so chocolate is not more important than sex.
None :) You love chocolate at the age (childhood), when you are not aware about sex, though there are some people who love chocolate always or in adult age as well.

And though sex is claimed to be a need, its not true.

I would go for divine, Swami Vivekananda is a classic example.
"why not both?"

I usually get what I want. So "choose only one" doesnt work on me.. sorry.

Sex any day. Well everyday. Anyone that chooses chocolate whould have their head examined. Why would you not want to have sex?Β