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As a wife , would you choose a High Paying Job out of Town OR risk being Jobless in order to Stay at Home and close family?
A lady has been married for 4 years with 2 kids. They have been surviving solely on her husbands income from business, but its not enough for them anymore and they are seriously in need of another source of income. On the other hand, she has been seriously searching for a job. Her extended family has also been of a great assistance to her and the family in a very big way. She just got a government job in her state of origin which is about 3 hours away from the city she lives with her family. She will be required to report everyday to work Second thoughts have been running through her mind, thoughts like living separately as a family at this very young stage of their marriage, How to cope with being absent from her children , as having experienced absent parents her self while growing up and its not what not what she wants for her family. Nature of her husband's business does not permit him to travel often and on the other hand she needs the job. Her husband says she should make her decisions and let him know. If you were in this case, what would you advise her?

Firstly, I suggest it is advisable the husband add more work to the type of job he is doing. An average reasonable man in Nigeria can never be dependent on a single source of income. There should be other side hustle which must be carried out by the husband for the sole means of feeding the family.

Secondly, I think there should be family evaluation. The husband and wife need to sit down and brainstorm about how they can live by the means of the income being earned. There are times we buy what we don't actually need which serves as a means of money wastage. There are also times we buy things we can't afford maybe just because others are buying it. The couples need to come together and discuss about how they spend money. If there is any need for managing the available income being provided by the husband, they should surely find a way of managing it and sacrificing some things for now till everything gets better.

Thirdly, you stated that the distance from work to house is just "3 hrs! ". There is a popular saying that says that "if you really want something badly, you will surely do it if not you will keep giving excuses". I know of some people who travel long distance from their place of work and living with their family even though it's not gonna be easy at a start but it will surely be come a daily routine when it's done frequently. I suggest if the job they got for her is very okay in terms of income, I see nothing bad in the woman going to her work place from her husband house provided the husband corroborate with such decision. She just needs to plan well in terms of waking up, feeding and sleeping but it's not just gonna be easy!.

Fourthly, maybe the type of environment the couples are living require lots of expenses either due to the cost nature of things they sell or other activities they engage themselves in such environment. I suggest that they relocate to other cheaper places or environment provided the house they live in their previous environment was rented (not their real house). The wife should make some feasibility and Viability studies in the new environment they got for her work place and compare to their her husband's environment. If the cost of living in the lady side is less than that of the husband's place, I see nothing bad in moving to such environment with her family provided her husband can also get a job in that new environment.

Fifthly, why can't her wife establish herself instead of going to work at a very far place? I suggest if the husband can try as much as possible to make money, then he can establish a form of business for her wife either trading or other additional activity just to keep the wife busy and increase the amount of money earned to keep the family running.

Lastly, with God anything is possible. Also remember heaven help those who help themselves. You need to pray and practice or apply action after praying.

In conclusion, we are all struggling in one way or the other just to live a better life with the family included. I hope everything will surely be fine one day if we don't give up.

Thanks for reading and I and I hope this.