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Do you think people ask for what you do for a living so they can calculate the level of respect t give to you?

Lol, this is a very funny question but I will answer based on an experience.

I had always thought highly of this guy, given him so much due respect until I finally got to meet him..

Of course, he was charming, tall, cute eyes and the smile was a killer.

We got talking almost immediately and it seemed like we bonded so great until I asked him what he did. His response brought down my moral. He was a food delivery guy. 🍴🌮🍔

Even though that's not a bad thing, society kind of has this standard of work/living that you must attain before you are accorded some form of respect which is not supposed to be so.

So to your question, YES, most people ask what you do so they can accord a level of respect to you.

Don't be that kind of person, dare to be different.


  I can’t tell the motivations others may have to ask about one’s occupation or profession, and I don’t find it rude either. I think that even in casual conversation at a party or gathering, we want to know who we are dealing with. In the case of Venezuela, we want to avoid making comments, say, against a government institution, in front of someone who works for that institution.

In general terms, I ask about someone’s occupation because it makes conversation easier; it helps me establish common grounds or topics to discuss or even to avoid. Also, in general terms, I think people want to establish connections either because you need someone who knows someone in a given field or because of professional interests.

In college campuses, for instance, we want to know what other people are doing, what their field of specialization is because that adds interest and excitement to the conversation. I understand that some people are very sensitive about revealing what they do for a living, but except in cases where what you do may be sociably questionable or not universally accepted, I don’t see reasons for apprehension.

In any case, people are not obligated to reveal what they may consider to be sensitive information, especially if they perceive that the motivation for the question is what this particular question suggest: an overt interest in determining the hierarchy, if you will, of the person and therefore act accordingly. That, of course, may be perceived as interested and hypocritical, but that I leave to every person’s judgment and personality.

I do not treat people any different than they deserve based on their post or position. The most humble worker may earn my admiration and respect in a casual conversation as fast as the highest university authority may earn my contempt.


Alot of people do that, I use to do it sometimes, but I later stopped.

They ask to know if you are richer than them, I used to do it too.

If a guy tells me that he is not working or he is a janitor, I'll simply withdraw myself, I wouldn't want to associate myself with someone that I can feed if i feel like it.

Even if he will keep on coming, I won't show respect anymore.

I later realized that there is more to life, than just trying to know anyone's worth. If you want to be with someone, be with that person,give him or her the respects they deserve. Life is turn by turn, he or she may be a servant today, but you dont know tomorrow, as long as there is life.

A janitor can become a president.



First of all I think that one should respect every person and not some more than others. To ask beforehand what someone is doing for a living and then decide how to shower that person with attention, politeness, amazement, compliments or whatever depending on the social status of said person is downright hypocrite...in my opinion.

I think to ask a person straightaway what he or she is doing for a living is quite rude and at some point I stopped answering that question. One might ask during a converation, depends on the conversation however. Well, others might see that different... I had occasions when I was asked in a cold manner what I am doing for a living and I could tell that person was figuring out if it might be worthwhile to have a conversation at all. I answered ‘none of your business’ and walked away, It was kind of funny to see that flabbergasted face of the person...

Sometimes I guess that question is asked simply as a conversation starter because some people do not know what else to ask and they are accustomed to asking such a question. But sometimes I do think that a person is asking indeed just to find out the social status, because of various reasons. And one reason could be that they want to take advantage of you.


I do! Especially in a society where there are too many expectations and there's so much pressure to meet up despite how unrealistic. People will find reasons/ways to profile you anyway. Best it to let them satisfy themselves, tell themselves what they need to rest well at night, and just live. I like to think the respect we get from people is a direct function of how these people feel about themselves. Obviously, that has nothing to do with us. We can choose to tell them we don't accept being treated a certain way though, if it really affects us.


I think it is more like to calculate how much you are earning when they asked about work.

It is also a way to know your status in life whether you are consided as successful or not.

If friends are the one asking, probably to know how are you doing in life. Since the kind of job can also reflect if you are doing good or not in life in general.

While some just like to have something to ask from you while there could be some who just like to compare their work to you.