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Do you think coming off as Desirable to attract a man is something forced on women? ?
Growing up As a woman, we were always taught what To do, how to behave Etc In order to come aCross as a good woman " wife material" and this will also deem you fit for marriage. Even today, Society prohibits women from doing certain things that Might Make her come off as too independent, too strong, too liberated so she Doesn't scare off potentiality good men who may want her hand in marriage.

There are conflicting ideals pushed in cultural programming on both sides..

Women are supposed to be the good girl. And also the slut.

Men are supposed to be the big, macho manly-man. And also the gentler, “in touch with his feminine side” “nice guy.”

None of which exactly “forced.” Yet, they’re aspects of cultural coding which are transmitted/progpagated for self-validation of the belief systems - and many people do seem to push or force them on others, if for little other reason than to attempt validating their own beliefs - or essentially, because that’s the programming they’re running off of.


I do think it is being forced on women because most of the times, we are just acting on taught principles. Don't do this, don't do that. You could come off as being too independent and all. So we tend to curtail our excesses, not wanting to miss the exuberance of getting acquainted to someone all because society abhors it.