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Would you date your friends ex?

I think it is. I think if the relationship ended and there are no problems between us, I don't see why I can't go out with them. The detail or problem would be if the other person or I maintained a hope of restarting our relationship, as this would keep the candle burning. It is recommended that when we end a relationship with someone, people take separate paths where the encounter is not done on a daily basis, but we know that sometimes things don't work that way. Some couples can build groups of friends, share jobs, even some projects, and people must be mature enough to accept that one thing is the loving relationship and others very different from those of partners or co-workers. Similarly, some people before starting a love relationship may have been friends and it seems unfair to me that because they have stopped loving each other as a couple, they should leave their friendship aside. I have seen, for example, how there are people who say that as friends they are fantastic, but as couples they don't work. 

I start from the idea of maturity, from the capacity that we human beings have for survival: if you are still wounded and convalescing from the rupture with someone, the ideal is that you do not expose yourself by going out with that person; but if you have already turned the page, if the ex is your friend, I don't see why we can't go out with him. All in all, what existed between you is supposed to be over and love is not reborn after it ends.  


No. Here are my reasons why:

  • It will destroy our friendship. Even if let's say they dated for a few years back then and they have moved on I think both of them shared some pretty good memories together. In that way, I cannot tell my friend how great my girlfriend is because that would be just awkward. Also, even if your friend will tell you that it is okay to date his ex, sometimes they are just lying and telling you what you want to hear but others will feel betrayed because among all the people in the world you could've dated, you chose the one whom he has history with. 
  • Your girlfriend/boyfriend might talk about your friend. It cannot be avoided that there will come a time that the person you are in a relationship with will talk about your friend since you are still friends with him. Prepare for this and there is a possibility you will get hurt. Let us be honest, this particular instance will not be avoided.
  • Awkward gatherings. Imagine being together, the three of you attending an event. What would that be like? It will be awkward for you, your girlfriend and your friend and also for the people around. Prepare for judgment. You cannot control what other people think about you, so prepare for people talking behind your back. 

I think entering a relationship with my friend's ex would be a bad idea. Besides, there are plenty of fishes in the sea right? Why can't we just choose someone who is not our friend's ex. I hope I was able to answer your question. 


I knew some people personally who married their friend's ex, or even their cousin's. Does it affect their relationship? At first, but they were happy now as they already have their own families. However, not every friendship turned to be like them.

For sure, some people say "you should be happy for your friend if he dated your ex. You will accept it if you are a true friend". But I do think otheriwse. If you'll ask me if I will date my friend's ex, I won't. Here in the Philippines, there is a Spanish word which we often use, "delicadeza". It is regarded to what's COURTEOUS. In my own perspective, it is not a courteous action to date my friend's ex. Respect is very important for a friendship. Imagine your friend told his secrets about his ex when they were together. You stick to him when they had problems. But in the end, you will date his ex. I am pretty sure I want to be respected by my friend, and I want to do the same thing to him.


Yes I can , as long as am in love with her.

I understand people may see it as morally bad but then society coil up things to fit their selfish reasons and I can jeopardize on what the society believe to hamper what I believe.

If she wasn't meant for him doesn't implies she also wasn't meant for me just because we were friends. Everyone has what he desire and can not find it in every girl, so if my friends desire wasn't found in her and I did see them in her then why harm myself by denying myself happiness for the reason of friendship.

If really he is a friend, he should also want my happiness and not offended . Because if he doesn't marry her , definitely someone somewhere will and what if the person is me, he should learn to live with it


Of course not , i WOULD NOT EVER DARE TO date my friend's ex. I respect my friend and I don't want to have a misunderstanding with my friends just because of dating their exes. I think it would be not good to do that. I don't know why some people date their friend's ex. They are very courageous to do that but I value our friendship and I don't want to ruin it . :)


Dating my friends ex is certainly something someone shouldn't do unless he or she is ready to lose one of them, either you choose your new girlfriend over your friend or you pick your friend over her and that certainly won't be cool.

But as for me, I think I can date my friend's ex but not without his permission. I know it's kinda stupid, they are no longer together but then you need to give your friend the respect he deserves.

And if your friend happens to be reasonable, he will let you carry on with your newly found love and everything is gonna be alright but then if he disagrees, then he's on his own.

I won't make trouble with him, he will still be my friend if he wants too but I ain't gonna sacrifice my happiness for nobody.

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That would be very awkward. I've never had an opportunity and a temptation to do so and that's a good thing. The idea of a friend of mine or any particular man in the sack with my woman is off-putting. I prefer her former partners to remain abstract entities. Another issue would be the two potentially having feelings left for each other. Even bad feelings would be worse than no feelings because I wouldn't want to be caught in the middle of any animosity between the the two.


Sure. If she makes me happy then a true friend would also be happy for me. If they are not togeather anymore then it is really none of his business of who I date. Noone owns me or her. 


I think friends are everything. But, it does not rule out the possibility if we date a former friend, provided you read my explanation well and wisely.

It is true that many still think that friendship is more important than undergoing a new date, so the act of dating a friend's ex is still difficult for many to accept, so you need to adjust this to your environment, especially your best friend's thoughts.

However, if you are sure to try to date a friend's ex-lover, it's a good idea to make sure their relationship is completely finished. It is important to ensure that their relationship is over one hundred percent, making sure that both parties never walk together again, and there really are no problems with each other. That way you will not be considered a traitor to your own friends.

In addition, the next step that you have to do in my opinion is that you must express this intention to a friend first. Talk to your friends first. Remind your friends how much you appreciate it and also the friendship you have lived. Also point out that you don't want to see him hurt before letting them know that you are attracted to his ex.

Then ask, how do you feel if you date his ex? Can you talk about the relationship with him? Can you both keep together? If a friend reveals that he doesn't have a problem, maybe you can try to live that new relationship.

Besides that which is no less important in my opinion, be prepared if it will also happen to you. Everyone, including you, can actually date anyone who wants it. Unrealistic and unfair to force someone not to date someone else.

However, it is undeniable, that is the use of friendship, having people who understand and are on your side. So, if you were in that position, would you accept your best friend dating your ex-lover? Or is there a feeling of being betrayed by a friend? This might be the answer to the next step.

Thanks! 👌


That's kind of weird but yes, love moves in mysterious ways. I can say, when everything is alright and perfectly tuned. Also, when love is so strong that you both have in the mind of fighting for each other - it doesn't matter.

As long as you're both free and has no current ties with other person, it can never go wrong. The worst thing about it is that when someone has not completely moved on but you still pursued. The "worstest" feeling is that the word "ex" has not completely moved on and having "bullshit" mouth. I experienced it right now, fame whore and immature brat which post a lot of shits in social media asking for sympathy. Its just too completely crazy for me.

One thing I want to reiterate is that when everything is in perfect place and time, and that everyone has accepted that its completely over (ex), then its a good to go.


51 years back my closest companion came round my home with his new sweetheart. MY GOD , SHE' S GORGEOUS.

Be that as it may, she's going out with my closest companion.

For year and a half I appreciated her from a remote place.

At that point one day I met my companion and he was distant from everyone else.

"Where is J— — - ? "

"Gracious, it's everywhere."

"Right," I chose, "I'll allow it three months (in the event that they get back together) and after that I'll go and thump on her entryway."

I review that I chose three months was, actually, 13 weeks, so I held up my time quietly. At that point, following 11 weeks SHE thumped on MY entryway!

Amazing. What's more, we've currently been hitched for a long time. Such is intimate romance.

(Furthermore, I haven't seen my (at that point) closest companion for something like 46 years.)


Any young lady I would "date" (however I am of the sentiment that what goes for dating is for suckers) would be one might say as of now my closest companion.

You certainly mean your best brother, at that point. I see no motivation behind why not. What's more, once in secondary school, my companion Liam conveyed his most recent pet sweetheart to class to flaunt to the folks and young ladies I spent time with in the cafetorium amid my extras and snacks. When she went to pee, he revealed to me I could "have a run with her." I actually got "press my crush" consent from my companion. OK, actually it would not be "dating," but rather that is noteworthy! I obviously referenced the sticky issue of his better half being in on this thought, however he just grinned intentionally. Amusingly, the prospect of really dating somebody (far from school) kept me from finishing the thought.

On the off chance that my companion would not be annoyed by the thought—and in the event that I accommodated myself to dating by any means (I am all the more a "have dessert first," "drive the vehicle before you get it" type)— I may.

As much as I figure a companion would wouldn't fret, they are still just humans—and still your companion…

I would wouldn't fret. I jump at the chance to think I have—and I am almost certain I have—advanced past the sentiments of desire and uncertainty that would keep my receptiveness to the thought.

Truly, companions of mine, you have my consent (insofar as you have theirs and your own).


Your inquiry ought not ask what others would do. Your inquiry ought to inquire as to whether this is a smart thought for you explicitly. The reason is on the grounds that every other person has their own adaptations of what is and what isn't satisfactory. 

So we should turn this around. Would you like to date your companion's ex? 

In the event that truly, will this influence your fellowship with your companion? 

If not, will this influence your kinship with your companion? 

I might want to state this shouldn't make any difference to your companion, on the grounds that their relationship was before. In any case, every individual has their very own sensitivities and ought not simply be disposed of so eccentrically. However, on the off chance that she is really a companion who is develop and goodhearted, this shouldn't be about her. Or maybe, about you and the individual of your advantage. Lamentably, it's additionally about planning. On the off chance that she had quite recently said a final farewell to him, at any rate from my perspective, it appears somewhat 'forceful' and possibly suspicious from the perspective of your companion. 

In my own connections, if a companion needs to date one of my exes, he is 100% invited to. It's not my concern. Except if my ex was a loathsome individual, I would not barge in on in any frame or matter. 

So in turn around, I trust my companions would feel the equivalent in the event that I need to date their exes. Truth be told, one of my pals recommended that identical thing. she asked me to pursue an ex of hers, subsequent to discovering there could be some sentimental emotions.

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Yes. It has worked out well for me in the past. Chances are that if they are an ex of a friend of mine we probably have some shared interests and friends.

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