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Lets Talk Phobias, what's yours and what measures have you taken to Overcome it?
Mine ia snakes and anything that has many legs and crawls. I am still Trying to overcome that. Before, iT was fear of dead bodies, but being a nurse has helped me deal with that. Also the fear of sharp objects cutting through skin, still trying to deal with this, my profession is helping but i still Cringe.

Mine is Chronophobia which is actually the fear of time or the fear of the passage of time or the the fear of the future . The truth is that I always have fear of the uncertainty that comes with the future this is because no one knows what the future holds and because the present situation cannot determine futuristic outcome it makes me fear, I usually like to know the outcome of things before I set out to do them however taking a step or making a decision without knowing the outcome usually frightens me.

So I always feared that with the passage of time I may not even get to know what old age seems like I may not get to know how my business plans and prospect turns out the fact that I do not know about whether I will fail or succeed in the future makes it difficult for to imagine the future so as a result of this I always develop doubts about myself and about the things I can do because I have a belief that no matter how much a person tries to shape their life there's always the hand of fate undoing everything they have done making them useless so I fear for the future because of the uncertainty that it brings.

However I do not tackle it or try to overcome it the only thing I do is to live with it, embrace it and make do with it I now come to the acceptance that human being can never know the future and no matter how much one tries to shape their future by living right or living wrong they can never control the future or control the passage of time or how time passes the future will bring things like a failure or success or death or even death and whatever brings I will try my best to live life and leave a legacy for others to see this is how I tackle my fear of uncertainty and fear of passage of time which is Chronophobia.


Before I go further to narrate my experiences with my phobia let me give a general overview of my phobia. It was a blend of Nyctophobia (Scotophobia/Lygophobia) and phasmophobia. Nyctophobia being the fear of darkness or night and phasmophobia of Loneliness.

Growing up, in a religious and spirit believing home and society, I grew up to hear scary stories. Given the foundations and bases of my believes, this stories had a way take advantage of my young mind. I was easily get scared of being left alone in a place worse of all dark places. Sometimes even while I with someone in a dark room or environment, I still get scared that someone or something spiritual will attack me. I can tell you, age didn't really do much to deal with this problem

I had to make myself see and accept all truths to all this fears. I had to see through to some of my wrong believes and also some of my incomplete believes. I had to make myself see and believe what's true. It didn't come just at a snap of finger but consistency in telling myself these truth helped out a lot and I can now say I am 100% over this fears.