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How many dates should you wait before having sex??

None. If you both feel the urge on the first one, go for it. However, try to get your partners ideas first, it shouldn't be a one sided thing.

Often, one will want sex immediately while the new partner will want to wait a little. It is a compromise and one that needs to be discussed so both are happy.

I'm a great believer of sex on the first date if all are willing but am happy to wait a little if the new person in my life is not ready.

Sometimes, constant, gratifying sex is a wonderful thing and it has lead me to many good experiences and relationships but I always, always ask and if there's any sign of hesitation, back off and wait.

Please respect your partners whichever path presents itself to you


I don't think it's something that should be pre-planned. it happens when it happens, when the two people involved are ready and comfortable with it

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It depends on the people involved. There is no manual for this question, unfortunately.


So funny.... nothing is fixed here,it depends on the individuals involved


It all depends on the two people dating. It used to be frowned upon to have sex on the first date and I am not sure if that is the case anymore. I don't think guys mind and it is normally up to the lady to say yes or no.

There is no right answer for this question as feelings and common sense should prevail. Personally I wouldn't expect sex on the first date as it could just tun into a one night stand and not really be a date then.