What voting trail is beneficial to join on steemit ?

Well, I would recommend following the helpie trail, or spl trail. My reasons are quite simple. 

I support both of these communities, so this is an obvious reason.

I also manage the trail for spl, as well as run weekly SBI drawings for both of the trails. 

I just implemented @incinboost drawings as well once a week for both trails. 

So by joining either one of these trails or both, you will be supporting good communities on the blockchain, as well as increasing your chances to get SBI and incinboost shares. It's a win no matter how you look at it!


@curie, C-squared and C-cube trails.

Quality content creators are being upvoted on these trails. There are less chances of your SP rewarding shitposters which is good for keeping content creators of the platform supported. There are trails focused on maximizing curation rewards but I don't recommend them because not all the time votes are given to quality content by those trails. 



Simple, go to Steemauto.com

go to Curation Trail and choose the best,,,  maybe TOP 10. 

I am sure you can get huge curation rewards if you join them. 


I would say @curie

There are other communities that are doing a good job in curating good content, that being said I personally think that curie is one of the most organised and quality-content oriented trail.

You can rest assured that your vote will be delivered to the deserving bloggers all over Steemit.