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Would you tell your best friend if you find out his wife has a secret Job as a stripper?

Inform the wife you know and you are planning to tell your best friend. No matter how persuasive the wife is, you have to be firm you're going to tell your best friend what he doesn't know. It's best to have the truth be learned from the wife's mouth than from you. This is to a means to have them resolve whatever impact the problem is to their marriage internally. 

But if the wife keeps on keeping it a secret, it's your responsibility as a friend to let the husband know. That would be better than having total strangers inform him about his wife's activities. That is to keep the amount of shame in control. 

Why bother with other people's business? you are a friend. It's your obligation to meddle if need be when it concerns you're friend's welfare. That includes their emotional well-being. 


Oh. Why not. If I found out that she is a stripper, I will not hesitate to tell my best friend because I don't think she will be a good wife for him.

He is my best friend, so he must understand that I am not trying to destroy his relationship with his wife, but I am only giving advice. He is my best friend, he will trust me for that.

And more also why would she have that type of secret job as a stripper and you call yourself a wife. I don't think a wife supposed to be a stripper as what example will she be laying down for her children to follow.

And lastly, as husband and wife, you are to be open to each other. So why must she have a secret job at first without letting her husband to know about it.

As for me, I will not hesitate to tell him about it.



It’d be tough, but a SERIOUS fuckup to not...