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Unmarried men who are dating, do you expect your girlfriends to carry out "wifely"duties for you?
In an African context, most men expect their girlfriends to do Same. Duties as a wife would, e. G wash clothes, clean after them, cook and etc. In this day and generation, di u expect your girlfriends to do the same?

Nah, not at all. But what is supposed to be the meaning of "wifely" things? Is it just limited to household works or taking care ? I think it is more than what I have written in the last line. But when you are unmarried you are not supposed to make some girl do your basic duties I am a man and I  love to do my jobs on my own. If any girl suppose to help me with my work then I will have to repay her back with similar help. 

Dating is not taken hand-to-hand here in India and very few people usually do such things that you stated but things are changing and now everyone is guarded by the law. Secondly it is not at all ethical too. I don't feel it as a right thing even if a girl doesn't hesitate to do wifely things. 

One must carry out their own basic duties without forcing or handling them to others unless and until one got reasonable logic or situation behind it. If you feel the perfect bonding marry him/her that's it. 


As a guy, it actually depends on how perspective about how we define girlfriend. Some guy see girlfriend as a sex partner, some guys view girlfriend as a mere friend, some guys see girlfriend as a housemaid while some guys see girlfriend as a future wife.

As a guy our perspective is different about girlfriend just like I have stated earlier. Some guys have girlfriend because their friends also have girlfriend as this will not make them feel intimated by their peers while some guys may have a girlfriend just to satisfy their sexual desire. It all depends on the reason you own a girlfriend.

As for me, I see my girlfriend as my future wife (spouse) or life partner. The best way we can know each other is by dating which as to do with the boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. I treat my girlfriend as my wife and she must also treats me as her husband because what we are doing now is surely something that will integrate itself in the future when we are in our home after marriage. I believe most young guys and ladies are not too mature too engage in such activities because it may add more bitter experiences to their lives such as heart breaks and this will later affect the matrimonial home of some people.

I recommend that immature guys shouldn't engage in any form of relationship with ladies if they don't really love them because this will be a great loss and waste of time and energy for such lady. A good boyfriend will surely treat his girlfriend like a queen because no husband will what his wife to suffer.

In conclusion, as for me, I expect my girlfriend to carry out wiffy duties for me since I am planning to make her my future wife and she must start acting like one starting from this stage.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Well no personally I don't expect my girlfriend to do any of that for me. If she wished to do them then that's fine but even at that, I may be a little reluctant to even let her do that. Things like cooking and washing dishes may be relatively easy for me to let her do, but others like washing my clothes and cleaning my house are things that personally I'd rather handle myself.

Personally I believe that until you marry a woman then you have no right to demand that she cooks or cleans up after you. The thing is that alot of guys expect women to do that because most likely they've probably spent alot of money on the girl and see those basic things as a means for the women to pay them back.

Let's not also forget that a typical African man will expect you to do all those things and if you don't then he'll conclude that you aren't "wife material". I'm very much against the idea of my girlfriend doing all these things because "that's what she's supposed to do", if she's at my place and wants to do them then I may not stop her, but you won't find me asking her to do it.

I don't expect her to do anything apart from love me and be my partner, if she decides that she wants to take care of me by doing these things then I won't complain but I won't fault her for not doing them. It'll become a different ball game if were married though, but even then, if she's working, then I wouldn't expect her to do things like that. If she brings in an income and so do I, then we both have to put in work when it comes to house chores.

I hope this helps.


No, I did not expect any of them to do those things. When merely dating and not yet living together there is no reason to expect a girlfriend to take on any such "wifely duties" as cleaning after her boyfriend, washing their clothes or cooking for him at all. In that situation, each is responsible for maintaining their own household. 

The situation changes when a couple starts living together. That's when you need to decide on the division of household chores. In a culture where it is normal for both spouses to work, it makes no sense for the woman to be responsible for doing everything around the house. The right way to go about dividing housework is split it roughly equally according to who does what best. Ricardo's principle of comparable advantage first applied by him to foreign trade is applicable here. Whoever has is better at doing something should do it. Even if one of the partners is worse at every category of housework, they should do their best to pull their weight. In that case, the partner who is better at housework, should focus on where they have the greatest advantage. 


In my country, it is normal for a guy that's living alone to have a girlfriend that's behaving wifely or carry out wifely duties .

Some guys uses that to asses if the girl is homely, and if she can actually take care of the home if he eventually marries the girl.

Some guys tag those ones that doesn't do all that wifely duties as " lazy girls," "not good enough for marriage."

The guys always expect the girls to carry out wifely duties even without being told. If a guy doesn't expect that from a girl, it means the guy is not really serious with the girl, except he is staying with his family.

Some girl derives joy in doing that to their boyfriends, because it symbolizes something sweet and strong.


Beg your pardon...wifely duties? Seriously??? Time that men learn to clean up after themselves.



But my gf and I practically stay together so it's kinda unavoidable

I do the dishes, make sure there's water while she handles the meal. (we don't do each other laundry though)

As long as both parties are doing it willingly, it's okay by me

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No, because it is an act of zina (big sin). Having premarital sex or when dating is an act that violates religious norms. I think all religions forbid doing that.